Australia day is coming, work on your BBQ skills @Rengaya Japanese BBQ restaurant

This Japanese BBQ restaurant is situated in the heart of North Sydney with a stunning outlook at the Sydney Harbour bridge from certain tables. The restaurant is a large space catering to groups of any size, with a range of different sized tables all with the BBQ’s in the centre. It is great to have a meal sitting around  the BBQ, although evolved human kind has been doing it as soon as we discovered fire.

Rengaya is a little pricey, but it is in a great location and they are serving quality produce. I like the fact that you are in contol of cooking the meat, so you are guaraunteed to have an awesome chef.

There is a range of sashimi; live lobster, fish, wagyu beef as well as other entrees like oysters, scampi and salads.We loved the Special Sashimi Selection: with fresh salmon, tuna, kingfish, white fish and squid add some fresh wasabi and soy sauce. A nice simple and health start to the meal.

Wagyu “yukke, a Japanese wagyu beef tartare seasoned with finely chopped shallots, sesame oil, garlic and an egg yolk on top. Simply delicious.

There are a range of assorted sides to choose from. Although a Korean favourite, I am a sucker for kimchi. Their famous ox tail soup with vegetables and herbs came highly recommended and did not disappoint. Full of flavour with a good amount of spice.

The meats they offer have various cuts, selected from the best quality 9+ wagyu beef. We went for the wagyu amusement where we could try rib finger, wagyu rib, wagyu loin, ox tongue, and oyster blade. You can then select particular cuts you like as well. They come with salt and pepper or bbq sauce and a range of dipping sauces. Try the meat without the sauce first, so good. We tried the zesty ponzu vinegar, we also went with sesame dipping sauce for a contrast of flavours.

To accompany this we had assorted vegetables and the foil yaki mushrooms mixed with garlic butter. All cooked to perfection, of course.

We loved the quality of ingredients and the Japanese BBQ experience at Rengaya. If you are super hungry, Rengaya offers a quality all you can eat BBQ experience. We thank Wakushu lovers for inviting us to enjoy the great hospitality and food provided by Rengaya Restaurant.

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