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Thanks to Washoku Lovers, we now call Japanese BBQ one of favourite types of restaurants. We visited Suminoya to try their “all you can eat premium BBQ”. With price ranging between $50-$65 for one and a half hours, and half an hour more to sit and consume the ordered food. There are a few rules – order only as you plan to eat as food wastage is highly discouraged, as it should be. 

You can order as you please from their easy to navigate touch screen menu – which is the typical ordering practice at these type of restaurants. We were excited about the foods on offer, particularly the high quality cuts of meat with a range of seafood, duck, chicken pork and wagyu beef cuts such as rib, harami, rib finger and tongue.

The thin cuts and quality meat meant it was easy and quick to cook, and so tasty to eat. The meat flavour enhanced by the high heat of the BBQ

We ordered a couple of extras like lettuce leaves and bao to wrap our meat up in, making for a nice snack. 

There were a number of vegetables options that cooked up nicely on the BBQ; pumpkin, enoki mushrooms, onion and buttered corn. Tip- one serve is literally one piece, so be sure to order multiple serves at a time, when dining in a group

Not to go past seafood all super fresh we loved the sashimi, large fresh prawns, smaller garlic prawns and scallops. 

There were plenty of sides to choose from like soups, salads tofu and rice dishes. We went for a seaweed and sashimi salad as bell as the bibimba(rice topped with a range of pickled veg, omelette and beef)

Time was almost up, but knew we couldn’t leave without dessert so decided to try the three scoop ice cream which consisted of green tea, black sesame and vanilla / a lovely consistency and very flavoursome. 

The food here was extremely good quality, tasty and we very much like the booths, ordering off a touch screen and selecting different dishes as you go, and stopping as you get too full. The buffet also includes unlimited calpis water and soft drink. You can purchase alcohol to accompany your meal at an extra cost. 

It’s a healthy meal and also fun to cook with your family or friends. It has now become one of our most liked cuisines! It is in the heart of the Sydney CBD near Martin Place, and was quite busy when we were there, so I would recommend booking. 

Thank you to Suminoya for hosting us and to Washoku lovers for arranging this experience for us. Arigatou Gozaimasu!

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