Paint the town red with Campari @Olio

From July 20 to August 20, a selection of venues are hosting events, bringing Campari and its sophistication to the bars and streets of Sydney, literally, painting the town red.

The main site hosting ‘a taste of Campari Red Nights 2017’ is at Barangaroo Avenue in particular Bel & Brio which has a Campari bar on Thursday and Friday evenings. Collaborating with Campari are a number of food stores with Oh Boo selling a campari chocolate praline, Bourke Street Bakery have a campari tart, and Riverina Gelato are offering a Campari flavoured gelato. This allows you to enjoy your favourite drink in the form of food.

We experienced the Campari night at Olio Italian restaurant in Kensington Street Chippendale, which has a cool rooftop bar which Campari have used as one of their satellite venues. Another cool venue is Icebergs, Bondi Beach. Styled with red bar carts, neon lights, iconic Campari art prints, Campari themed trays and the hosts dressed in red to transport you to the city of origin, Milan.

Since the 1860’s it has been recognised as the perfect aperitif (pre dinner drink), but now it’s adapted and added to tonic or used as base to some amazing cocktails, which we had the opportunity to sample on this evening. The Cocktails made by Campari ambassador, Capitan_Campari, Daniele Pirotto, adding flair with his extraordinary cocktail making skills. He is sure to have something you will like

With cocktails like “when bitter meets bitter” Campari and tonic with lime wedges but a delicious combo! Also, the Campari sour, using Campari, Tequilla, lemon juice and Agave Nectar.
The Negroamaro which was one of our favourites. Made with pineapple infused Campari, Montenegro, Kraken spiced rum and orange bitters a nice stiff drink to accompany some of the tasty appetisers served at Olio including the amazing Saffron arancini, the tender char grilled calamari salad or the flavoursomr polipo(char grilled Fremantle River Octopus)
The venue also had artisanal shoe shining services by The Prince Consorts Shoe shine which got our boots clean and shiny. This was a first for us, who doesn’t like shiny shoes? even better it was enjoyed whilst sipping on the refreshing cocktail called the ‘Twister’ which was Campari and Limoncello topped with prosecco.
We also took home a tasty sampling of the limited edition Campari Pralines from OH!Boo Chocolates

See this site for a full list of dates and venues

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