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We love anything Japanese and especially enjoy Yuzu Sake. We were thankfully introduced to Satoshi (Sato) Yoshikubo who is the General manager and Sake Sommelier, who helps to educate everyone on the amazing drink that is sake. Sato’s family have a history of producing amazing Sake. Their brand: Sake Ippin “One  & Only” won the SFIWC 2014/2015 Duble Gold Prize USA, the National New Sake Awards Gold Prize Japan and this award winning product is worth the accolades. 

The IPPIN Sake is produced at the Yoshikubo Sake Brewery Co and is in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. Originating in 1790 and continued through 12 generations of brewers.  Their products are imported through JFC Australia and can be purchased at many liquor outlets and restaurants. We have it on good knowledge that it can be purchased at Mascot Liquor.

We tried the ‘Japanese Limon-cello’, called MITO UME-SHU TWO KIND OF YUZU WINE, 8% alcohol. It is sake with two types of Yuzu which gives the sake an infusion of sweet and citrus flavours.
The Yuzu Sake can be enjoyed neat or simply with ice, sipping and savouring the flavour. The Yuzu Sake is also nice with a little Sparkling water and ice, a refreshing drink on a hot day. A versitile drink, also great for a toast and a quick shot.
See the website here to locate where you can try IPPIN Sake
Thank you to Satoshi for providing us with the Sake and to Yuri from Washuko Lovers for liaising.

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