Ho Jiak – Now offering an exotic Malaysian high tea experience

We had the opportunity to experience a new exotic high tea in Sydney’s Haymarket. One of our favourite Malaysian restaurants Ho Jiak, is now offering an opportunity to savour some delectable sweet and savoury bites. The high tea experience is running between 2.30pm to 5pm daily, at $25 per person with free flow of coffee or tea, or $40 per person with free flow of house bubbles.

Malaysia is known for their love of a cup of tea with their teh tarik which translates to pulled tea. Teh Tarik is considered to be the national drink of Malaysia. The Teh Tarik is prepared by a process called pulling which combines tea and condensed milk in a mesmerising process that involves pouring the mixture back and forth from one vessel to another.

Tea also refers to a meal, hence the term tea time. The Ho Jiak high tea offers intricate Malaysian sweet and savoury delicacies, made in house, with love. The process takes hours to produce a beautiful display of coulourful, tasty morsels, served on a colourful three tiered display stand.

Starting with the savoury on this occasion, our favourite being the Chai Tow Kway – Deep fried raddish cakes garnished with sweet chilli and spring onions. So tasty, we could have eaten a bucket load. The Curry Puff is alway a go to snack and the pastry had a nice crust with a tasty filling of curry and mixed vegetables. The tart, called the Pie Tee is a tasty little number and it is what will first grab your attention. A superb crispy tart shell filled with vegetables and topped with chilli.

The most impressive part was the two layers of brightly coloured cakes. The layer cakes are usually what comes to mind when it comes to Malaysian sweets. The pink layered cake (Kueh Lapis) is a pretty glutinous cake made of steamed rice flour with coconut milk layered cake with a delicate sweetness. There was the yellow cake (Kueh Binga) A syrupy and sweet is made from baked tapioca and cassava. Also on the same layer was the white blue and green layered cake – (Seri Muka) This Layered glutinous rice cake topped pandan custard was a little richer in flavour.

Then there was the layer with sweet dumplings and crepe. It is hard not to get excited when you see dumplings on a plate, especially when they are as vibrant and colourful as the ones presented by Ho Jiak as part of this high tea set. There is something about dumplings, perhaps it is the suprise element and anticipation associated with not knowing what’s inside until you take a bite. The pink dumpling (Ang Ku Kueh) is s vibrant bite filled with a sweet mung bean paste. The blue rice cake (Pulut Taitai) with its colour coming from the Butterfly Pea flower, topped with a dollop of delicious Kaya (a coconut honey jam). There was also the long green crepe – (Kueh Dardar) A pandan crepe wrapped around a filling of deliciously sweet palm sugar and grated coconut.

Head to Ho Jiak for an experience like no other, take in some Malaysian delicacies whist sipping on tea, coffee or bubbles. Sounds like a perfect afternoon? Well, grab a bunch of friends or round up some relatives and use this as an excuse to catch up.


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