Andiamo Trattoria @ Abbotsford

Andiamo restaurant initially started in Summer Hill with its ethos as a place where family and delicious Italian food would bring people together. A recipe that appears to have worked, as they opened their second restaurant in Kensington St Chippendale another in Rhodes and Abbotsford, where we were to visit. The Abbotsford restaurant came about with an opportunity allowing them to move in to and take on a space once occupied by another Italian restaurant. Andiamo’s dedication to community and being active in the local area, helping with the transition. This brought in the locals, who have come to love new restaurant, the atmosphere, friendly staff and quality Italian fare.


Andiamo Trattoria Abbotsford is a lively restaurant with many families enjoying a meal together. The staff attentively seeing to orders and the kitchen busily preparing meals in the prep area surrounding the dome shape of the woodfired pizza oven. 

Drinks wise, this restaurant goes the extra mile,serving beer with a chilled glass. They also have a quality Italian wine selection on offer.


To start this Italian dining experience, the Arancini was too hard to pass up, a comforting starter and the perfect choice for winter.


Knowing the pasta is made on site makes for another easy choice. The pumpkin ravioli, with a butter sage sauce seved Parmesan sauce was the pasta special for the evening, a dish with classic flavour combinations. The truffle gnocchi also a classic. The Gnocchi here is  perfectly prepared dumplings served with a rich full flavoured creamy truffle and mushroom sauce, topped with shaved parmesan. 


On recommendation we went with the spatchcock. No something we would usually order and were we glad that we did. The juicy spatchcock is heroed and served with a herb rub to rave about. We would recommend the recommendation.


For dessert, we ordered the Zaperetto or fresh Italian doughnuts drizzled with nutella. This dessert will warm your soul on a winter evening.


Finish the meal with the nostalgic tiramisu a light fluffy sponge soaked with coffee liquor is always a favourite.

IMG_2698Dedicated to quality, you know what to expect when visiting Andiamo Trattoria. Make sure you keep an eye out for their up coming opera dining series, this will be an experience not to be missed.


Andiamo Abbotsford

565 Great North Road, Abbotsford NSW 2046, Sydney 2065

02 9713 4502


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