Arthur’s Pizza – Maroubra

Arthur’s pizza is one of those staple Italian joints – your local where you can call up for that Friday night pizza when you can’t be bothered cooking (or on any night really) and you can always guarantee it’s tasty. They’ve been in the business for over 30 years.

Beginning in the 1970’z, they offered alternatives to the regular cheese and tomato options, they soon became popular with their creative flavour combinations. They’ve have continued to grow, and now have stores in a number of locations: Randwick, Paddington and now also Bexley, Maroubra, Glebe and Rosebery.

Arthur’s stores have a family atmosphere and super casual which makes it a comfortable place to socialise. That, in combination with reasonable prices makes for a good eat in or takeaway option.

We visited in a group so were able to sample a variety of things from the menu including entrees, pizza, pasta and salads.

Entree wise, we ate the saucy meatballs and garlic prawns – these were cooked and served in thick tomato type sauce so a lot of the flavour was retained.

Pizzas come in different sizes; small, medium, large and family. There’s plenty of flavour combinations, but you can pay a little extra if you want any additions. There’s also Gluten free options.

We had the following pizzas – all really good choices!

Campollo: Chicken Fillet, Semi-Dried Tomato, Red Onion, Camembert, Basil

Sassri: Lamb Fillets, Fetta Cheese, Red Onions, Sweet Potato, Mint

Nitro: Pepperoni, Onions, Capsicum, Bacon, Chilli

In addition, we enjoyed the creamy Bosciola pasta with bacon and mushroom and well as the super flavour some mushroom risotto.

With so many delicious carbs, we needed some salads to balance out or lunch and we tried the Greek salad and also a lovely rocket and Parmesan one too.

By the end of this we were super food but did a great job finishing it off. Unfortunately we were too full for dessert, but if you’re not, Nutella pizza or tiramisu would be my pick!

Arthur’s Pizza

35 McKeon St
Maroubra 2035

Phone: (02) 9315 5220

Thank you to weekendfoodesscapes and ompty for the invitation to dine.

Barilla Pasta Cooking Class

We were lucky enough to participate in one of Barilla’s masterclasses at their authentic Italian Cooking School in Annandale, Sydney. Here they offer hands-on classes at a cost $100 per person or demonstrations & master classes with experienced chefs at a cost of $65 per person. Pick which you’d prefer and see how easy it is to cook like a chef in your own home!


We participated in a masterclass and thought the class was extremely good value, as it included a cocktail (or San Pellegrino drink) on arrival, as well as antipasto with crackers, dips and olives. The cost also included the chef demonstration, a two course meal with wine or sparkling and a Barilla goodie bag to take home, full of products and recipes.


Our masterclass was run by Matteo Zamboni, who comes with a wealth of experience, currently the chef at Jonah’s, Whale Beach. An interactive class in an intimate setting (just 16 people per class) he demonstrated the cooking, visible from all participants and also filmed up on the big screen.


We were then able reap the benefits of this cooking demonstration, as we tasted the meals prepared by the chef. It was wonderful to see him share his knowledge and techniques in an engaging way. We also appreciated the fact they were recipes we’d be able to replicate at home.


The entrée prepared for us was a Casarecce, using Barilla pasta, with prawns, zucchini and mint. The bisque was made first with prawn heads, garlic and eschallot, before cooking the pasta and vegetables. The flavour of this pasta was beautiful and I home to try cooking this one at home.


We had time to chat and meet our fellow diners whilst eating the entrée and preparations were made to demonstrate the main meal.


The main was duck two ways: Confit duck leg and roasted breast. The confit leg sounded easier to make than I first thought. I’m certainly not a cook by any stretch of the imagination, and watching Matteo made me realise I can do this, if I follow the recipe and just be patient with time.

Laying the duck in a tray, warming and mixing the spices for the flavour and then curing it. Leave for 6 hours, melt the duck fat and cover the duck and cook in the oven for 2 hours. I won’t give the recipe away – see Barilla for more details. It was fall off the bone, melt in your mouth delicious.

We then saw the other variant cooked where the duck breast was cooked in a non-stick pan, rested and then eaten. Simply flavoured with sea salt, this dry aged duck was incredibly well cooked with a moist flesh and crispy skin. Served with potatoes, this was easily one of the best duck dishes I’ve eaten.


We also had gelato canolli to finish off a brilliant evening!


We thoroughly recommend booking in for a hands on demo, masterclass, or even team building classes are available for your corporate team. You’ll then have a new portfolio of dishes to try at home.

Casa Barilla

4 Annandale Street, Annandale

Sydney NSW 2038

Da Vinci’s Italian Ristorante

It seems that the catchcry of everyone in the restaurant industry these days is ‘seasonal’ and ‘local’, but when Da Vinci’s Italian Restaurante Summer Hill acquired Executive Chef Luca Melis from the former Bistecca Italian in Abbotsford, a new genre outside of industry trends was discussed.


Owners Joseph Rechichi and Valerie LoPresti were more interested in the simple, honest truth of bringing a meal to the table that was created and shared using the local recipes of regional Italy.


Chef Luca was born and raised to meet the task of the pair. Resurrecting dishes from his youth in Italy and upbringing in his father’s Sardinian trattoria, Luca has breathed new life into Da Vinci’s Summer Hill with his tantalizing, handcrafted menu from all the regions of Italy.


For Luca, creation is everything, with each dish being meticulously prepared using a combination of the local seasonal bounty that Australia offers and artisan skill that is rare seen today outside of fine dining restaurants.


Joseph and Valerie say fine dining is dead – so little in it these days with PR spin and perfunctory dishes, which fit the bill to justify high pricing, but have no life and passion. That life is alive and well in every dish on the Da Vinci’s menu – and in the chalkboard specials which show the incredible prowess of Chef Luca. What that means for customers, is a veritable cornucopia of choice, as you work through the landscape of Italy.

Ligurian handmade pesto is prepared with handmade fettuccine, roast potato and green beans.


Southern Italian Ragu di Manzo is simmering away in the kitchen.

Pugliese orecchiette with salsiccia and broccoli will tantalize your tastebuds with fresh fennel, the list is difficult to choose from.

If you show up early enough before the crowds, you will be entertained seeing the pizzaioli creating the grissini, fresh, warm woodfire breads and metre length focaccia. Stacked up in the window as it cools from the oven, you can use to ‘fare la scarpetta’ (mop up the sugo) or purchase for home.


Da Vinci’s Italian is a key feature of the Summer Hill Village, ensuring the piazza is a platform for long days into wonderful evenings, where families, friends, lovers and all are welcome. Regulars in the know sit drinking Il Teo and Sangiovese whilst grazing on Sardininan style Cozze al Pomodoro served in 1 kg pots enjoying the landscape of the space. Be warned, you have found your new Italian local!


Like Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, you will be smiling. Buon Appetito!

Da B

25 Lackey Street, Summer Hill NSW 2130

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Astrid y Gaston, Lima – Peru

We booked here upon reading about it on the Worlds Top 50 restaurants. We got a booking easily and opted for the ala carte menu. We appreciate that there is ala carte on offer and not just a tasting menu. This means the restaurant is financially more accessible.



We arrived at the beautiful mansion that is the restaurant and made our way into the dining room where the chefs are at work.


There are numerous rooms with big tables, large doors and nice art. The room we sat in also has some awesome upside down plants.



We both ordered some good cocktails as the wines were a bit expensive and there weren’t many by the glass.

We began with a bread basket for one (which easily served us both). Being a connoisseur and lover of restaurant bread, this did not disappoint. The charcoal bread with fruits was flawless and the the savoury scone was delightful, just to name a few.

We ordered two small plates to share: the “tacos de chicarron de Limeno” which were two small quinoa tortillas with beans, sweet potato and aji peppers. The flavour on these was superb.


The other dish was Dim Sum Cuy which was guinea pig dim sum cuy on beetroot buns with Chinese mushroom salsa, criolla and sweet and sour chifa vinaigrette. These also had really nice flavour combinations.

We were intent on ordering one of their special
Desserts so we decided to share a main meal.
We ordered the Tortellinis De Arracha which is quite possibly one of the nicest pastas we’ve ever had. It was Arracha (beef) filled tortellini with sage, tomatoes, pecans and an Andean cheese emulsion. We thoroughly recommend this. They also sell large meat based plates, fish and seafood and skillets to share. The Tasting menu is also a good option if you want a bit of everything in smaller versions.


The piece de resistance was the chocolate dessert ball. A thin tempered chocolate ball, which, when cracked reveals a dessert full of beer ice cream, caramel and more surprises.
This was fantastic. It was huge and could easily feed 4 people.

Overall the food here was incredible and in particular the portion size is generous and and reasonably priced for such a fine establishment. We thoroughly suggest you pay this restaurant a visit.

Vapiano’s Winter Yumderland!

If you’re familiar with this international brand you’ll know that it’s not about the bells and whistles of their dishes.  Value driven, geared to the no fuss, corporate worker, international traveller and family diner expecting the satisfaction that ‘Nonna’s classics’ cemented into many of the native’s childhood memories making it impossible to surpass.  However, as an avid city diner, and regular visitors here, we have seen the transformation of its seasonal menus over the years. We have frequented their daily lunch specials and happy hours, it’s quite common to spot many service staff we’ve met from other venues we’ve dined at.   That speaks volumes.


There’s a certain reverence the old Italian culture has with its food and it centres around family and celebrations around many of the Catholic holidays.  Vapiano does well to capture those basics without the extravagance, re-invention or tweaking so many rely on to keep the short attention spans of diners who have so much choice.

It’s value driven, it’s prepared fresh and it’s done in front of you.  The main dining area gives a panoramic view of the kitchen and a bird’s eye view from the second level balcony that’s ornamented with fresh basil pot plants.  Set in the Grace hotel, it’s high ceilings and luxury setting provide an experience somewhere above casual dining without the pretentiousness of over-the-top fine dining.

“Before the meal” or Antipasti is a traditional opener we have of – toasted ciabatta, prosciutto, spicy salami, Parmesan, buffalo mozzarella, mixed olives, sun-dried tomatoes, pesto basilica and bruschetta.  Proscuitto is a definitive staple that will never not the set the tone of a meal, once described to me as a cured meat prepared with “salt and time”, there’s a captivating feeling about this thinly sliced translucent protein that’s synonymous with Italian culture.   Neutralising that saltiness was the Insalata mists piccolo of  fresh mixed leaf salad with cherry tomatoes and carrots.


It’s supposedly, one of the most searched soups in Australia, so naturally, The Pumpkin Soup served with freshly made bread brings the warmth to the menu needed this Winter.  One of the new highlights of the Vapiano season, the texture is rich and creamy evenly balanced.


What raises the casual dining status of this establishment is the fully equipped bar providing a pit stop for grown ups whipping up the classics and a few signatures of their own.  A school night, the intermission between courses called for a Virgin colada, Mockito and a ginger hibiscus sparkling situation.


The Gamberi risotto with prawns, onions, capsicum, spring onions, sun dried tomatoes.  In both dishes, tomato sauce binds the dishes together.  It may sound run-of-the-mill, but in actual fact there are so many different ways to spruce it up.   The cream in the con carne sauce softens the flavour while enriching the body of the liquid.  While in the risotto, the white wine adds a subtle fruit flavour to the risotto that stimulates the bland starchiness of the rice.


Pollo e spinaci – tagliatelle with tender chicken breast, onions, pine nuts, cream with basil pesto and Parmesan tossed with fresh spinach. The nutty flavours in the pesto and the parmesan compliment each other nicely with hues of saltiness and mint accenting through.


The  folded homemade pizza dough (calzone) with spicy pepperoni, Aussie smoke ham, mushrooms on homemade tomato sauce and mozzarella will be another Winter favorite striking the nostalgic cords of all with its resemblance to the classic pizza pockets.  Breaking through that flakey crust into the hot filling, a burst aroma rushes at you.


Homemade pana cotta with fresh vanilla and strawberry sauce is a regular favorite, however the other highlight of the Winter Yumderland menu is the new fondue dessert. For a limited time only marshmallows, strawberries and chocolate brownie bites are accompanied with a palette seducing Nutella dipping sauce.  It’s a simple arrangement that strikes a chord with all.


The grandeur of the Grace Hotel adds to the flavour of Vapiano’s ambience which generally would be unassuming but flavoursome.   The large spaces, high stools, bar options, cater easily to al group celebrations.   For visitors at the hotel, lifts the experience if looking for an easily accessibe alternative to room service maintaining it’s casual vibe within a very luxurious modern space.

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Rhonda’s Terrigal – newly revamped!

Rhonda’s bar and restaurant is back open! It is a newly revamped venue in the heart of the Central Coast, close to the Crowne Plaza hotel, Terrigal. It is a top destination to visit for a weekend or easy enough to head up for the day. 


The restaurant itself is a large fresh bright open space, beautifully styled with decking and wooden & wicker furniture and the decor is apt for the area. Rhonda’s also has a rooftop bar with ocean views. This makes Rhonda’s the perfect spot for a bite and some beverages whilst enjoying the sea breeze and stunning view. 


Rhonda’s has extremely personable staff, good vibes and a great playlist. You would find this a great venue for afternoon drinks, dinner or even a party with friends.

The bar is well stocked, so take your pick of a craft beer, wine or a cocktail. With a cocktail menu designed by Quynh Nguyen one of Sydney’s finest cocktail curators, you will find many a great drink and in particular, they have some original cocktails that are a must. 


The ‘Garibaldi Punch’ made using four pillars gin, campari orange, marmalade and rosemary bitters was a great gin based cocktail. 


The ‘Rosetta’ was savoury tasting cocktail of campo de encanto pisco, fino sherry, strawberry cherry tomato, rose and basil and was beautiful mix of flavours. 


We also enjoyed Rhonda’s take on an old fashioned, called the ‘Sicilian Godfather’, this choc orange cocktail consisted of monkey shoulders whisky, drambuie, solerno, blood orange, balsamic, choc bitters and it was a quality version of the old fashioned food.


We thoroughly recommend visiting and catching up with friends for a drink or two here.

Food wise, you’ll find authentic Italian, served is made using premium quality local ingredients and the menu offering antipasto, wood fired pizza and pasta made from scratch.

The Antipasto share board will get you in the mood for your dining experience. The array of delights includes a mix of quality cured meats including; salami casalingo, brescaola and Parma ham. There is also light a creamy buratta, artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, zucchini and fresh grissini bread. Other entrees include foccaia, olives, king prawns or bruschetta. Perfect to accompany your cocktail or glass of wine. 


Rhonda’s have a range of tomato and white base woodfired thin crust pizza, made using wholemeal flour, a great option to share or enjoy your own. The ‘La Diavola’ is always a go to and did not disappoint, topped with buffalo mozzarella, pepperoni, Sopressa, chilli and rocket. There are plenty of options to choose from, whether you prefer chicken, mushroom or the classic margherita. Cooked in the authentic Italian way in the wood fired rotary oven. 


The pastas are made from scratch, using Stagioni flour and these are produced into classic combinations with phenomenal flavour. We loved the squid ink fettuccine, served on a vibrant blue glazed plate and was one that pleased all diners. The dish was very inviting with a delicious tomato based sauce, cherry tomatoes, a generous serving of sweet spanner crab meat and topped with fresh basil.



Gnocchi is another go to, this dish was comforting with its pillow like dumplings, served with cubes of tender porkbelly and porcini, in a rich well balanced parma ham broth with truffle oil. Writing this post has me salivating about the flavours of this dish over and over again. 


To finish, we made room for dessert inspired by the nutella ravioli. With a crisp fried outer shell and then there is an explosion of nutella when you bite into it. A berry coulis cutting through the richness of the nutella and the vanilla ice cream complementing this dessert. They also have gelato made in house using seasonal flavours.


As an added bonus they have a $12 Pasta special on Saturday 12noon till 5pm and $12 Pizza special on Sunday from 12noon till 8pm.

The food here is outstanding and perfectly apt for the clientele and location by the sea. We thoroughly recommend for you to head out of Sydney to visit the beautiful beach of Terrigal on the central coast and be sure to pop into Rhonda’s.


3 – 5 Kurrawyba Avenue Terrigal, NSW, 2260 Australia


Phone: (02) 4385 3100

Monday – Friday: 5pm – 1am

Saturday – Sunday: 12pm – 1am

Thank you for the hospitality provided by Rhonda’s, and for the invitation from Way to Blue.

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Andiamo Trattoria @ Abbotsford

Andiamo restaurant initially started in Summer Hill with its ethos as a place where family and delicious Italian food would bring people together. A recipe that appears to have worked, as they opened their second restaurant in Kensington St Chippendale another in Rhodes and Abbotsford, where we were to visit. The Abbotsford restaurant came about with an opportunity allowing them to move in to and take on a space once occupied by another Italian restaurant. Andiamo’s dedication to community and being active in the local area, helping with the transition. This brought in the locals, who have come to love new restaurant, the atmosphere, friendly staff and quality Italian fare.


Andiamo Trattoria Abbotsford is a lively restaurant with many families enjoying a meal together. The staff attentively seeing to orders and the kitchen busily preparing meals in the prep area surrounding the dome shape of the woodfired pizza oven. 

Drinks wise, this restaurant goes the extra mile,serving beer with a chilled glass. They also have a quality Italian wine selection on offer.


To start this Italian dining experience, the Arancini was too hard to pass up, a comforting starter and the perfect choice for winter.


Knowing the pasta is made on site makes for another easy choice. The pumpkin ravioli, with a butter sage sauce seved Parmesan sauce was the pasta special for the evening, a dish with classic flavour combinations. The truffle gnocchi also a classic. The Gnocchi here is  perfectly prepared dumplings served with a rich full flavoured creamy truffle and mushroom sauce, topped with shaved parmesan. 


On recommendation we went with the spatchcock. No something we would usually order and were we glad that we did. The juicy spatchcock is heroed and served with a herb rub to rave about. We would recommend the recommendation.


For dessert, we ordered the Zaperetto or fresh Italian doughnuts drizzled with nutella. This dessert will warm your soul on a winter evening.


Finish the meal with the nostalgic tiramisu a light fluffy sponge soaked with coffee liquor is always a favourite.

IMG_2698Dedicated to quality, you know what to expect when visiting Andiamo Trattoria. Make sure you keep an eye out for their up coming opera dining series, this will be an experience not to be missed.


Andiamo Abbotsford

565 Great North Road, Abbotsford NSW 2046, Sydney 2065

02 9713 4502


Song Kitchen does it again

Song Kitchen is at it again. They have a great new menu and we revisited to try their new culinary delights. Easy to access, right in the city at the Surry Hills end and at the lobby of a hotel. The street frontage is a bar and head downstairs for the dining area.


The staff are superb! In fact, the male waiter even remembered what we ordered last time. That’s incredible, seeing as though we visited 6 months ago.


One of my favourite things about this place is that 100% of profits support the YWCA NSW – an organisation that helps women experiencing domestic violence. Eating with a conscience.

Headed by chef Charlotte Gonzales (ex Merivale), she is innovative, having designed an extensive menu, with French influence. It is clean and stylish food and packed with flavour.


We began with the promotion which is on for Vivid – a bottle of Mumm champagne and 6 oysters. The oysters were silky and served with a side of vinaigrette and such a lovely entree to have with our champers.


Don’t fret, they have plenty of other drinks too and we really enjoyed the passion fruit mojito.


We had grilled king prawns, perfectly cooked and plenty of flavour provided by long red chilli, garlic, coriander, lime & romesco salsa.


For the entree we also had a lovely winter vegetables with pumpkin, onion, sweet potato, beetroot and broccoli. Perfect for the season.


We’d been craving the pasta, so decided on the Pince all’ amatriciana – guancial, tomatoes, basil & Percorino Romano. An interesting thick pasta, packed with flavour. It was an extremely generous serve. We also sampled the amazing rabbit gnocchi.


After this we were so full that we couldn’t touch dessert, although Creme Caramel is always a crowd pleaser.

Visit for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you won’t be disappointed. The food is outstanding, and restaurant ambience is also comforting, sophisticated, yet relaxed.





Bake Bar for brunch @ Double Bay

Bake Bar won the best bakery cafe in Timeout’s 2017 awards and its easy to understand why. This bakery cafe offers a huge range of breads, patisserie goods, pastries and coffees, as well as a solid range of meals if you choose to dine in. 

Situated in Kiaora Lane of the Double Bay dining and shopping precinct, it’s always pumping with customers.


Wait out the front and you’ll find the lovely staff happily greeting you and you’ll be ushered to a table quick smart. The tables outside have umbrellas to protect you from the sun, whilst still enjoying sitting alfresco.  

They have a breakfast/brunch menu until 2pm and then lunch is on offer too. We decided upon 2 salads and a burger to share, as well 2 patisserie goods for an afternoon snack.


The prawn Caesar salad was delicious. Cos lettuce, bacon, tomato, croutons and Caesar dressing, topped with a generous serving of seasoned grilled prawns. Served with a slice of bread of your choice, this is a great meal for lunch. 


The salmon sashimi poke bowl included salmon on a sheet of seaweed beside quinoa salad with radish and diced jalepenos. A lovely fresh and healthy choice for lunch.


We also chose the Tuna burger, which included grilled tuna with lettuce and avocado on a soft bun. We chose to have a side of chips with it. This was a top burger and we thoroughly enjoyed it.


 With this, we drank a latte and a chai latte – good as always! 

We took home a lemon meringue pie and dulce de leche tart to satisfy the afternoon sugar cravings, and that they certainly did.



We thoroughly recommend Bake Bar for a weekend day out (or any day really), but it’s great to order off the menu and dine in to enjoy it. 

Bake Bar

L/15 Kiaora Rd
Double Bay NSW 2028

Telephone: 02 9328 3213
Monday – Sunday: 6am – 6pm



Chef’s table @ Frankie’s Food Factory

Located in the Hills District and specifically within Flower Power, Frankies Food Factory offers a lovely dining experience catered for all – couples, friends, families, parties. It is in such a beautiful picturesque setting, and as you walk in, you can’t help but notice the sun room, overlooking the lake. The lake is filled with ducks which you can feed! This certainly gave the venue a relaxed feel.


An instagram worthy venue with great ambience, rustic/country house décor. I also like the water mist cooling system used in the sun room.

The menu is modern classics with a twist, and the food is fresh and tasty and most importantly, locally sourced. The menu is diverse & considers all dietary requirements. Staff are friendly, welcoming and attentive.

On this visit we were in a group and were certainly extremely well looked after. The big space means all customers are able to have the privacy between other tables as well as a great place to hold events/functions.

We couldn’t possibly fit in any more food at the end of the visit, but loved that we were able to try so many of the new menu items.

From Camembert triangles, to calamari fritti and kale and salame crisps – with crispy pepperoni, hummus and jalepenos, the starters certainly began well!


Continuing with some delicious sweet potato fries, sprinkled with feta, always a crowd pleaser.


Combined with the freshness of a prosciutto and ricotta salad, with watermelon, heirloom tomatoes, honey dew, chickpeas and watercress, the balance of flavours was perfect.


From the list of mains, we tried the chicken tacos and for the  meat lovers out there, the BBQ lamb skewers were enormous, served with capsicum, onion, hummus, toasted flatbread and fries.

They have lovely salads like the orange and salmon salad with fennel, pea sprouts, pickled turnips, feta, carrots, quinoa and linseed. We also shared the halloumi and quinoa salad.

Pastas are also on offer – they have a penne pasta with blue spinner crab meat crab as well as the “Pachino pasta” (a vegetarian option) with heirloom tomatoes, basic and garlic.

We were so impressed with the quality and range of meal choices.  quality and range of meal choices.

Dessert certainly hit the mark and you must absolutely try the Donut fries. Quite possibly a match of the two most delicious foods around. Fries + Donuts! They look like fries, taste like donuts, and come served with Belgian Chocolate dipping sauce. Wow.


When you think you’re done, you’re not. There’s cookies and crème churros! A dessert lovers dream. Made with oreo cookies, filled with oreo icing cream and served with white chocolate dipping sauce. Again, wow.


To finish off, there’s also salted caramel pretzels with thick salted caramel and chocolate sauce. We highly recommend a few of these.


Now we’re sure this will have you drooling, so make sure you pay this place a visit.

The drinks are great too – juices, tea, coffee – they have it all!

For families, there’s also a kids friendly with a kids play area including a slippery dip as well as the outside area by the lake for kids or all customers to enjoy.

For those who don’t live nearby, it’s definitely worth the trip out!

Thank you to the Huddle Group for the invitation to dine and to our contributors Sakina @sakinav and Tomas for the Blog and photos.

Frankie’s Food Factory

609 Old Northern Road, Glenhaven
2156, NSW

Open 8am – 5pm daily

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