Soulara – plant based delivery service

I am not a vegan, I am not a vegetarian, however I do see the benefits of it. I am a healthy eater and believe in the importance of a fresh and clean diet. So why am I eating Soulara you may ask?


There are many benefits to a plant based diet and I feel that eating plant based foods throughout the week make my diet have a really nice balance and I feel alive and healthy when eating nutritious foods.


I’ve been ordering Soulara for a number of weeks now and there’s many things I love about it.


  • 100 % plant based meals using high quality ingredients put together by experienced chefs
  • A rainbow of ingredients to boost your metabolism, increase immunity and fight toxins
  • Packed full of superfoods, grains, nuts, greens and vegetables
  • The calorie count is low and perfect for a lunch or dinner meal without overeating
  • It’s fresh and not frozen food, and is a lot tastier than brands I’ve tried in the past
  • It is a food delivery service, so it is conveniently dropped at my work (or home) on a Thursday, and well packaged with a frozen ice pack to keep it cool in an awesome silver box
  • The menu has a lot of variety; from patties, to soup, to salads and some of these change weekly so you can continue to order those you like, or swap it up a bit
  • There’s snacks too, like cacao balls, peanut butter cups, juice and kombucha’


You can have meal plans prepared for you over 9 ($103.50 a week) – 18 meals ($171 a week)


So whatever you are aiming to focus on, whether it be improved focus, weight loss, detox, meal prepping, find what works for you. I’m sure you will enjoy it.

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