Fishbowl @ Surry Hills

Fishbowl is a healthy fast food style dine in and takeaway casual restaurant. It was founded in 2016 with a belief to to change fast food culture by providing an option for people to get faster food, whilst still being fresh and healthy. Fishbowl has made to order salads or bowls of a Japanese style. … Continue reading Fishbowl @ Surry Hills

Odyssey Lean – bringing healthy food into your home

We've been enjoying Odyssey Lean for a while now. We love it for a number of reasons: convenience, nutritional value, freshness, and of course, taste! It's a ready-to-eat delivery service that cultivates a healthy relationship with food. Facts No added hormones Sustainably caught seafood Fresh and seasonal (no frozen food) Gourmet ingredients 100% natural with … Continue reading Odyssey Lean – bringing healthy food into your home