Plumm launches Plumm Three – premium glassware

Renowned Australian Wine Glass brand Plumm recently unveiled it’s newest range, Plumm Three. We tried out the new Plumm Three wine glasses at a wine tasting event at the Bentley Restaurant and Bar in Sydney.

The Bentley was the perfect location to host the event to see the glasses in action with some some quality wine and eating some delicious canapes.

The Plumm Three range is minimal and elegant. The range of glasses are made from ultra-fine European Crystal and Plumm have designed this range in consultation with some of the country’s best sommeliers including Matt Dunne and Rocco Espesito.

The curation of the new range reflects the minimalist dining experience, pairing the glass experience back to three versatile glasses, that are aesthetically pleasing, well balanced and functional. The minimalist experience means you don’t need to go to a fine restaurant with a multitude of glasses on your table for different wines, since these can be used for many purposes.

The Plumm Three glasses enhance the dining experience and the appreciation of wine and complement the new generation wine styles;

Plumm 1 is the Universal Glass. A great all rounder and particularly good for full bodied reds. This glass also worked very well with the  Louis Roederer Champagne from Reims, France. Showing its versatility, this glass also held it’s own with the following wines:

2017 Yangarra Shiraz from McLaren Vale highlighting dark berries, plum and a bit of spice.

Plumm 2 is great for crisp whites and sparkling whites. The Tar and Roses Pinot Grigio with notes of nashi pear and nectarine on show with this glassware.

Plumm 3 has a wide hip, recants the wine for you. Great for light fragrant wines the larger glass accentuates the aromas of a Chardonnay and lighter reds like the Giant Steps Pinot Noir from the Yarra Valley.

No need for a wine glass overload, the Three elegant glasses offered by Plumm are the perfect vessel for your wine appreciation.

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Plumm Three

Thanks to Modern Currency for the invitation.

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