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Sydney Vegan Tours operates a number of tours in Sydney, and they also have tours in Melbourne (where the company began). The Vegan scence is booming at the moment and it’s great to get an insight into restaurants and stores available in Sydney for Vegan diners to find some new delicious food options.

Sydney Vegan Tours offer tours in different locations, beginning with the tour we experienced in Newtown, which we would say is probably the Vegan hub of Sydney. We’ve also done the one in Glebe, but there is one in Surry Hills too. For $89, they take you to a few different food locations and usually a shop too. Your tour price includes all food and drink (non-alcoholic only) and the guides for the tour. Food is served in shared capacity. The tour goes for approximately 3 – 3.5 hours. A walking tour is great to explore a new area and get a sense of the amazing stores and cafes around, whilst also meeting many like minded people and hearing a range of life experiences.

The meeting place for this tour was at Newtown train station and the venues are in close proximity to this. Their website even offers a map of the regularly visited places so you get an idea of where you will be visiting.

Meeting our group was easy since the guide Sarah (and on this occasion Jess from Melbourne as well) is there in the Sydney Vegan tours T-shirt. Both guides are brilliant – friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about the places we visit.

Stop 1 – Perfect Potion: the specialists in aromatherapy, using natural and organic products that are Australian made and cruelty free. This enables us to learn not just about what we eat, but also the products we use, things we wear and making ethical decisions.

Stop 2 – Soul Burger: offering plant based burgers, coyo shakes, and very addictive fries.  Our group tries the plant based bbq buffalo wings marinated in a sticky hickory BBQ sauce, and we demolish the ‘cheesy bacon’ vegan fries. Totally a comfort meal and so moreish.

229A King St, Newtown NSW 2042

Stop 3 – Deep Groove Newtown: a bar with plenty of vinyl records, music, food and vegetarian and vegan food and drinks. Inspired by plants and created with love is their motto. We try the vegan nachos, creamy pasta using vegan ‘cheese’ and ‘cream’ and beetroot bliss cake.

191 King St, Newtown NSW 2042

Stop 5 – Green Gourmet Vegan: it is a family run business which has been operating for 21 years and was the first Vegan Restaurant in Sydney. We try some of their amazing dumplings (the menu offers so many – vegetable, chia, ‘pork’, ‘prawn’) as well as air fried radish cakes, Vegan chicken and even the ‘Golden Playtime’ cake with tofu ice cream for dessert. An outstanding Asian inspired restaurant with an incredibly large 100% plant based menu.

115-117 King St, Newtown, NSW 2042

Stop 5 – Gelato Blue: this family owned gelato store originally began by only offering a few vegan gelato options, but rebranded to be a fully vegan gelato store. There are plenty of creative flavours to choose from and perfect to end the tour with.

318q King St, Newtown NSW 2042

We were so satisfyingly full by the end of this and the tour is certainly value for money. The tour is suitable for all people, for it doesn’t involve stairs or hilly areas and walking is slow paced. Vegan and non-vegans will like it for there is a great deal of amazing and creative food to taste. It gives insight into places you may otherwise not know existed.

Check out their website for more information. It sells tickets to their tours, as well as vouchers and answers to your ‘frequently asked questions’.

Sydney Vegan Tours

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