Espresso Martini’s at home by Lexington Hill

When heading out to a bar, my number one go-to cocktail is an espresso martini. With that little bit of a pick me up combined with the sweet element provides a decadent cocktail to drink and one that oozes sophistication.

During COVID regulations and spending way more time at home, we’ve certainly be missing some bar action. So why not try having your own at home! Lexington Hill have made it even easier by making the espresso martini ready to pour straight from the bottle.


Lexington Hill have curated a delicious range of premium cocktails such as Espresso Martini by pairing a Melbourne roasted cold drip coffee with cacao vanilla notes. It is mixed with quadrupled distilled vodka, continental creme de cacao and sugar syrup. It therefore has a quality espresso taste to it, hints of sweetness and the spirits to provide the alcoholic kick. Each bottle is 2.4 standard drinks and can pour two glasses from it. Top it with some coffee beans or a few chocolate coated beans and enjoy.

The drinks are pre batched and bottled and they also make a margarita and sangria as part of the range.


You can order online or find them at various IGA, Dan Murphys, Liquor Land, First Choice Liquor and more. Single bottles or even a gift pack is available. See their website for details.

We loved the drink and will definitely be getting these again.

Thank you to 3 degrees Marketing for arranging the product to try.

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