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I’m not sure about most of you, but I had grand plans to become the best cook during Covid, with all that time indoors and inspiration from fellow foodies. Unfortunately it didn’t pan out like that. Covid19 has made 2020 challenging and I’m thankful for all those hacks that can just make life that little bit easier.

Anjum Anand and her team from the Spice Tailor have made it easy for the struggling cooks (and busy people) amongst us by making a range of meal kits from curries to biryanis and daal. They’re quick and easy to prepare, with the pre-packaged meal kits ready to go in just three easy steps, resulting in a restaurant quality Indian meal in 5-15 minutes. All you do is add your veggies and/or proteins and you’re good to go. In addition, there’s a new spring/summer menu which can provide some delicious Indian meals this season.

Not only this, Spice Tailor show that Indian food can be nutritious, with all packs being free of any artificial additives.

We’ve tried numerous dishes and all meals are extremely aromatic and have delicate flavour profiles; some with spice, others with zing, zest and those with a creamy texture too.

For spring and summer, we’d recommend trying your spice pack with fresh summer vegetables or light seafood like calamari or prawns.

It’s also coming up to Diwali so Anjum has put together some perfect vegetarian Diwali recipe ideas here: https://www.thespicetailor.com.au/FeaturedRecipes-Diwali-Menu why not surround yourself with colour and light and enjoy a Diwali inspired feast.

Curry Kits

Whether it be the Rojan Josh, Coconut Curry, Korma, Butter chicken, Goan Curry or the kit we made; the Southern Pepper Curry and you can whip up a quality Indian Curry in no time. We chose to use chicken and veggies in ours. This curry packed a punch with flavour, a strong ginger and chilli spice and we served it with rice and some of the daal (made using one of their kits too).

Lentil Daal kits

The Lentil daal is perfect for vegetarian eaters and a great accompaniment to the other Indian dishes. There are four varieties to their daal packs and each include a spice pouch, a packet of spiced sauce and a pack of cooked lentils. They provide amazing plant-based protein for the bodies and are super nourishing .They’re also super easy to cook. Just fry up the spices, add in the sauce and daal and mix and it is ready in 5 minutes! You don’t need anything extra than a little bit of oil.

We tried the Bengali Coconut Daal, a light and subtly spiced daal which is made from yellow split chickpeas, coconut flakes and spices. It was a good consistency, with a lovely texture, so delicious with the spice to create that depth of taste.

Tandoori kits

Probably one of our other favourite kits are the tandoori. You simply buy your meal of choice, or keep it vegetarian with tempeh or tofu and apply the marinade sauce. You can then grill it or bake it, and as it is ready, top with the seasoning blend and serve with chutni. We baked ours and the meat was super tender and beautifully spiced and a tangy seasoning to top it with. We used the classic kit, but they also have a spicy pack too. Each pack serves approximately 2 people according to the pack, but we found it went a bit further than this.

Biryani kits

You do need rice to go with your meals, so the steamed biryani packs are perfect since the result is a beautifully flavoured bowl of rice to pop beside your meat and veg. The pack comes with a spice pouch which you fry up first with a bit of oil, pour in the cook-in sauce and then add the flavoured rice. It takes about 15 minutes to cook and you can also add anything else you like to it, like meat, seafood or vegetables. We added some veggies to ours and found the dish to be light and fragrant and a great accompaniment to the other meals we served. We tried the Hyderabad Biryani and also the Dehli Biryani, the main difference being the latter was spicier.

Other Asian meals

They also do some of our favourite red and green curries, and even and Indonesian Rendang.

In conclusion

The Spice Tailor have really done the hard work to make our lives easier (and tastier)! These meals are perfect to have in the cupboard on those days you can’t quite be bothered cooking much.

For more information

Check out their website for information on more of their products and nutritional values, as well as the history behind the company. The website also has information on recipes that you may like to try. These packs can be found in your large local supermarkets.

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