Sweet Dreams French Caneles

Delphine from Sweet Dreams has a love for producing authentic French Canele, perfecting the canelé by working tirelessly to find the right baking temperatures and the best ingredient proportions.

She has developed four flavours; Vanilla, chocolate, lavender and lemon Myrtle. The canele are delightful: crunchy on the outside with a dark caramelized crust, and soft on the inside with a tender custard centre and beautifully flavoured. We thoroughly enjoyed these.

Made exclusively from organic ingredients which the company has sourced locally. Not only this, all the packaging is compostable, recyclable and plastic free. By choosing this, uou add thinking sustainability reducing the environmental footprint.

Find more details via their Instagram or website. They operate out of Zetalnd and do offer home delivery (approx 15km radius around Zetland). You can find eligible postcodes on the website. They also offer a pickup option in Zetland.

Contact Sweet Dreams on contact@sweetdreams-frenchcaneles.com.au, and DM on Instagram.


until Sunday 15 November for their launch, find 50% off on all orders using the code LAUNCH50 at checkout.

We hope you enjoy as much as us.

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