Isoking picnic tables @ Outfield Cafe, Ashfield

Outfield cafe has always been a great place for food and coffee. It’s also the perfect spot to grab your food and a picnic blanket and sit outside in the sunshine. Located in the inner west in the “outfield” of a cricket pitch in Yeo Park, Ashfield.

Outfield now have a retail line for picnic catering, partnering STAGEKINGS with Isoking, stocking a range of quick to assembly picnic tables with wine glass holders.

You can purchase one of these and DIY your picnic food and drinks or contact Outfield for a picnic box with sandwiches, open breads, fruits, chutnies, pickles and sauces. The cafe also sells reusable coffee cups, wine glasses, picnic rugs and more.

We experienced the Outfield hospitality, the amazing food and tested out the practical tables. This is a great concept for the cafe and a brilliant afternoon spent.

Outfield Cafe

Yeo Park, 230 Victoria Street

Ashfield NSW 2131

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