Ada’s Affair @ Darlinghurst

A new local neighbourhood café in Darlinghurst, not far from the hospital, taking the space which was previously Piper cafe. Parking is relatively easy if you’re popping in for coffee and a bite to eat.

Run by dream team trio; Tri, Cindi and Sonny who are so lovely and make customers feel very welcome.

They’ve got a range of pastries like croissants and a few cookies as well as pre made sandwiches and rolls. There’s a baked mushroom and spinach toastie with reduced balsamic, seeded mushroom and mozzarella on a panini or the brilliant brioche roll we had with a frittata and bacon jam.

Using sample coffee for their coffees, it has a malt flavour to it, so why not try your favourite; whether it be an espressos, late or batch to name a few.

Ada’s Affair

85 Boundary St Darlinghurst

NSW 2010


Mon – Fri: 6:30 am – 3pm



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