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Gelatissimo make their artisan gelato fresh in-store and it is created with quality ingredients that have no artificial colours or flavours! Try some old-school classics or some of their specials, but whichever it is, you’ll find so many you like that it’s hard to choose!

We popped into the Coogee store to sample some of their NEW Gelato range “Winter with Lindt”. There are two new indulgent flavours for winter, using delicate Lindt chocolate; the DARK CHOC PISTACHIO MADE WITH LINDT and also the CHOC CARAMEL FUDGE MADE WITH LINDT.

The Dark Choc Pistachio is made with Molten dark Lindt chocolate, rippled with a pistachio cream. The dark chocolate used has resulted in a rich and creamy gelato, complemented by the pistachio flavour for the perfect balance. We had it in a cup, topped with some dark chocolate Lindt pieces. It is so decadent and delicious and we really loved it.

The second new flavour is the chocolate caramel fudge. The base is another creamy chocolate gelato made using Lindt chocolate and rippled with a smooth, caramel fudge sauce. We loved the many ripples of caramel and then how it was topped with more caramel pieces of Lindt. The Lindt chocolate makes it so tasty and creamy and we hope that this can become a permanent option on the menu!

Both flavours are available in a cup of cone, so get in soon to try one (or both) of these specials which are there for a limited time.

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