Koshari Korner

We visited Koshari Korner in Marrickville with with our friend @where_do_i_eat_pete 😀

Koshari Korner is a little pop up Egyptian Vegan street food vendor inside the Addison Road Community centre. The store originally opened in 2016 as a pop up stall, but now permanently part of the centre. The venue is super casual, you sit on little picnic type tables under a marquee type tent adjacent to the parking lot. The vibe is calm and the music makes you feel comfortable.

Owner Walid migrated to Australia and has made this business focusing on selling his Egyptian food, and in particular the iconic Koshari dish. We tried this and really enjoyed the vegan mix of lentils, pasta, and rice into a single dish topped with chickpeas, crispy onion rings and a fragrant tomato salsa.

We also shared crispy cauliflower with tahini, falafel bites with pickles and tahini, grilled eggplant with rocket and tahini.

We also tried the crispy little sambousek parcels, made with sweet potato, onion, cashews and spices.

The food was really tasty, sold at really reasonable prices and staff were nice and hospitable.

Drink wise they have coffee, tea and soft drinks. We tried a really refreshing iced hibiscus tea. It paired perfectly with the meal.

They open daily from 8 – 4, so a good option to pop by for a meal.

Koshari Korner

Addison Road Community Centre

142 Addison Road




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