Ookkie Skateboard

We have had a great time using our new Ookkie! It is an Australian designed product by Daniel De Gaye in 2016, who has made the world’s first developmentally dedicated kids skateboard! You can use as young as 2 years old or as long as the child can stand and walk and hold on. It is such a cool concept because kids can learn from a young age, gaining confidence and skills along the way.

The Ookkie skateboard features a handle for adults to hold and pull along for their child and a handle for children hold whilst they’re learning. This can help them to feel confident and comfortable whilst learning to balance.

As my family did, the kids held on to this with both hands before being comfortable to hold it with one and stand on the side like a skater. You can pull them along until their ready to skate solo. It is such a great concept, my 2 year old twin niece and nephew were straight on having fun and even my risk averse 3 year old niece had a great time, feeling confident with the parental support and protective gear.

Structurally, it is made with durable materials and it is so easy to put together, I didn’t even need the instructions (but they are there if you need them). It comes in 3 pieces – the board and two handles (kid one and parent one), which you can remove when you’re ready for the normal skateboard. There’s 4 bright and fun colours to choose from too.

The product also comes with an accessories pack including knee and elbow pads, wrist protectors, all in a mesh bag, and a helmet (which is adjustable) packed into the box. It’s easy to collapse and pack for travel too.

They cost $179.95 online but there’s free shipping on all Ookie purchases. Subscribe online and save 10% on your order.

We thoroughly recommend getting one of these for your child as their next gift! So much fun, safe and useful for many years to come.


Thank you to Maven PR and Ookkie for the product.

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