Henrietta Chicken

We’re lovers of charcoal chicken, so we were naturally pleased to have an invite from our mate Pete to join him at Henrietta Chicken.

We had tried Henrietta Charcoal Chicken before, but just for takeaway. The restaurant is also a casual eatery. This time, we dined in and had an early booking.

We began with beers, and were were intrigued to learn that they make their own, the “Lager of Love”, in partnership with Yulli’s brew. They’ve also got wines and cocktails, to get your night out started.

We then look through the menu, and would have been keen for so much or what the menu has to offer, but we opt for the meal. The whole chicken comes with chicken, bread, salad and pickles.

The focus is the chicken and it is good, delicious flavour, a good amount of char and moist juicy chicken, perfect on some Lebanese pita bread with tabouleh, pickles and of course some toum (garlic sauce).

Don’t forget to order fries too, as they’re super good with the sumac seasoning!

The cauliflower salad (or more like broccoli salad) was really good and a superb side choice. Other salads and mezze are available, like haloumi, falafel and charred corn.

This was the perfect amount of food for the three of us, but if you’re more hungry, you could order some more; like shish, kofta or shawarma.

Service was super friendly, and very efficient. The food came out so fast. We really enjoyed it.

Henrietta Chicken

Shop 1, 500 Crown St

Surry Hills, NSW


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