Black Star Pastry – cakes in a sip

Black Star Pastry, the home of the famous Strawberry Watermelon Cake is now serving this by the sip as well! Their new Strawberry Watermelon Latte is all your favourite flavours of the cake in drink.

Made with almond milk and sweetened with a syrup that infuses notes of strawberry, watermelon and rose scented cream. To present it, they sprinkle rose petals, a pinch of pistachio powder, and a spritz of fragrant rose water to combine all your favourite flavours into this lovely drink. Why not buy a slice of the cake for the perfect combo.

They’re also offering another cake favourite in the liquid form. The Hot Chocolate Mirage can be made with your choice of milk and the Rooibos Tea, a staple in the Choc Mirage slice, which is strained and mixed with caramel to achieve a unique butterscotch flavour. They serve it with a yuzu drop that you can drop it into your drink or dissolve it in your mouth first for a smooth flavoursome burst to your drink.

We also had this with the Chocolate Mirage cake. A decadent cake, for it is layered with salted caramel chocolate, flourless choc sponge, dark chocolate cremeux and a light chocolate mousse. Finished off with a dark chocolate dusting and a yuzu disc.

We think the drinks are a lovely addition to the Black Star menu and encourage you to try for yourselves.

Black Star Pastry

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