Bang Tang Potts Point

We’ve been to Bang Tang before in its previous locations, and enjoyed it thoroughly, so of course we were happy to return. They’ve reopened in Orwell street, around the corner from it’s old location in Potts Point. The restaurant has a nice contemporary fit out, with indoor and outdoor seating.The bright pink lighting is still a feature. We enjoyed the vibe of the new space, it had a great atmosphere and the staff were attentive.

The modern Asian inspired restaurant has delicious food that is fresh and featuring flavours from Thailand, Japan, Burma and Vietnam. The food is great and sure to leave your tastebuds singing.

We shared a number of tasty starters and fabulous mains. To start, the cigars are a delicious starter, a spring roll filled with glass noodles and packed full of flavour, the lemongrass is noticeable and works very well.

The house made steamed dumplings – Pork And Prawn Mousse with Japanese Scallop in House Chili Oil were very enjoyable and the parcels were a nice light dish to start.

The rice paper rolls are super fresh, packed tightly with chicken carrot, herbs and served with a peanut dipping sauce. A really nice healthy option.

The braised pork belly is a must order, it is roasted then slow cooked for four hours. The braising liquid is insanely good, with beautiful soy umami flavours, subtle star anise and spice. The fat on the pork is nicely rendered, it is gelatinous and silky. Add the roasted garlic and pepper sauce to this dish, this sauce enhances the pork to wow level.

Another delicious and generously portioned dish was the Hokkien noodles with prawns and house made chilli jam and shaved salty yolk, another cracker with a bit of spice and good balance of flavour.

“Trout Out” is a lovely fresh option, the Snowy Mountains smoke trout was delectable. With organic pecan wood, tamarind dressing, roasted rice, thin rice noodle, crushed peanut, fennel, kaffir lime, viet-mint & chilli. We had this with Jasmine rice.

The food here is lovely, the ambience is fun, and you’ll most certainly enjoy a delicious meal. Be sure to check it out.

Bang Tang

Shop 4 Orwell Street

Potts Point


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