Tenacious Bakehouse

Yeongjin Park’s (ex-Lode and Piccolo Leo) brings us Tenacious Bakehouse, a whole in the wall spot in Oxford Street, Darlinghurst serving up some incredible pastries.

A pastry with cornflakes and onion Mayo, red bean pandora, black garlic crown, there’s certainly unique and interesting flavour combinations.

This place is expensive, but you do need to pay for quality, particularly because I imagine the time taken to make these would be significant.

This Portuguese Tart, at $12 is highly recommended. It is a textural experience with its crispy multi-layered pastry, full of a runny eggy custard and it is not too sweet despite the drizzle of miso caramel. Bigger and crispier than your regular Portuguese tart but a good pastry that’s for sure.

The Pork “Mandu” ($10) was a pastry that we thought was a sausage roll. It kinda was, in appearance only, for its filling tasted exactly like a Dumpling; pork, chives, cabbage. So interesting, but very tasty.

We also enjoyed the “Jinius” a flaky buttery pastry with caramelised white chocolate and almond marzipan. Similar in flavour to an almond croissant, sweet and crispy, it was delicious.

Get in soon to get your pastry fix!

Tenacious Bakehouse

101 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst


7:30 am – 5pm: Tues-Sun

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