The Lion and Buffalo

I drive past Lion and Buffalo in Coogee on my way to work every day and always want to go, yet not often find the time. So I was happy to have a holiday day to visit. It’s always buzzing with customers. There’s plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, and if you’re inside, you’ll note the wall murals keep the cafe fun and vibrant. Staff are also on keeping with this attitude, and they’re all friendly, welcoming and efficient in serving us.

In regards to the food, we love when a cafe offers beyond a traditional menu, and that’s certainly something you’ll find at The Lion and Buffalo. Whilst they might look like scrambled eggs, they are so creamy and paired with a delicious relish and dollop of butter, it’s a great dish.

The Ottoman Eggs was a winner. Poached eggs with harissa fried chickpeas, grilled eggplant, tahini yoghurt, spiced brown butter & Iggy’s sourdough that has your taste buds delighting. A great combination of flavours.

Other options include the “Better Than Sex Ramen”, a “Black Opal Wagyu Steak sandwich” or their “Caviar Breakfast”.

I also got a huge muesli muffin to go; basically like a bowl of cereal in a muffin. Was very substantial! There’s lots of other cake and cookie options to go if you’d like one as well or if you’re grabbing food on the go.

Pouring up Single O Coffee for your caffeine fix, they make a nice cup. We enjoyed a flat white and an espresso.


Mon – Sun: 7am – 2pm

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