We were tipped off to visit Ellen by seeing some pics on some fellow foodies IG. The cafe is below a boutique apartment complex and close to Sydney Park. Being in a quiet street, it was easy to find a car park.

The cafe has indoor and outdoor seating and they are very dog friendly, can even take the dog inside. We found the staff to be really welcoming and efficient with taking coffee orders and delivering the menus.

The food at this cafe is out of this world good. The fabulous chef has worked at Tetsuya, Rockpool and Cedrics and can certainly deliver on the taste and presentation. For a cafe, to see food that could pass for a fine dining establishment but at cafe prices is just incredible. Whilst the menu is short (limited) each menu item is high quality and interesting. We liked that there were also two specials on the day of visit, and it was these dishes which we tried.

The smoked duck special was slivers of the smoked duck served almost in the appearance like a flower in olive oil, topped with radish and served with grilled crispy sourdough. A beautiful light dish.

We then had the chicken ballotine / roulade, which is a chicken that has been boned and stuffed with a tasty filling and a light crispy skin. Served with a light salad and green sauce, this was beautiful.

As a side, we had some fries with seaweed salt seasoning that are so moreish, you keep going back for more.

We returned for a second visit to try their breakfast choices; the scrambled eggs with bacon and toast, as well as a really lovely light prawn dish with avocado.

Whilst you’re there be sure to have a pastry by lode; whether it be the pain au chocolate, blueberry pastry with blueberry compote and fresh blueberries or some of the other varieties.

The coffee is also impressive; smooth and well balanced, and some excellent latte art. The cold brew was outstanding and the well developed flavours shone through, exciting the palate. We love that they roast their own coffee.

We really enjoyed this cafe and most certainly will revisit.


153/18 Huntley St

Alexandria NSW 2015


7:30-2:30 daily (from 8am Sunday). We understand food is from 9:30 only

Closed Monday

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