B85 Artisan Bakery @ Camden

I grew up in Camden and lived there until I finished school. My family still live in Camden so I’m there regularly. For most of my days, a pastry would mean bread from the grocery store or a meat pie. Coffee, well there wasn’t much of that either – the most you’d find was from the Italian Restaurant. Camden has certainly grown with a bunch of cafes, and now an artisan bakery. I am impressed, the foodie scene is definately making waves.

In the premises that was once Burger Frank, is now B85 Artisan Bakery. A couple of tables and high stools outside for you to enjoy your food and coffee.

B85 Bakery, opened by self taught chef and baker Kim Faulko Lim, bringing the pastry dream alive in Camden. The store specialises in baking pastries such as plain croissants, almond croissants, chocolate croissants and other flavours such as strawberry and cream. On my day of visit (the first day opening after the new year), there was a baked custard flan, cinnamon scroll and the offerings change slightly day to day.

The pastries are incredible, particularly the strawberry tart, with its layers of pastry, vanilla custard, strawberry gel and slices of strawberry. We can’t wait to try more.

There’s plenty of varieties of sourdough; white, country loaf (with spelt), baguettes and more. I look forward to them hopefully making great little takeaway sandwiches if that’s on the cards.

The Little Marionette is a favourite coffee blend of mine, and the barista made an excellent latte. My new go to for coffee when in the area.

Staff were efficient and hospitable and this bakery is a welcome addition to Camden.

B85 Artisan Bakery

Shop 7, 180-186 Argyle Street Camden



Wed-Fri: 6:30am-2pm

Sat-Sun: 7am-2pm

Mon-Tues: closed

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