AP house @ Surry Hills

All Purpose Bakery has been doing pastry drops for a while now at Paramount coffee project and Reuben Hills and I’ve certainly done my share of driving to both for bread and pastries there. They’ve now opened up a cafe and bakery called AP House on the rooftop of Paramount House in Surry Hills next … Continue reading AP house @ Surry Hills

Goodwood Bake shop

Goodwood is new on the scene in Marrickville, baking up a range of breads, pastries and sweet treats. Shelves behind the counter are lined with their breads; sourdough, rye, baguettes, miche and more. Their trolleys showcase the pastries; plain croissants, pain au chocolat, scamorza, ham and mustard as well as the specials for the week. … Continue reading Goodwood Bake shop