Salma’s Canteen

You may have heard sighs of disappointment when we heard Saga would be closing down. What do you mean we can’t get the famous vanilla slice anymore?? Well the rides certainly turned when we heard a new project was in the works. That project has now opened – it’s Salma’s Canteen. Saga’s Andy Bowdy and Maddison Howes have opened this new spot, teaming up with Michael Rantissi and Kristy Frawley from Kepos Street Kitchen.

Located on Botany Road, Rosebery (close to Mascot), Salma’s Canteen occupies a space on the main road that doesn’t have a great deal of street parking, so you may have to park in some side streets. There’s table seating out front, but the canteen style ordering arrangement seems suited to takeaway. There’s also a window with take home products you can heat up or serve at home.

This new canteen really is the best of both worlds, with lunch food plates where you can pick a protein (meatballs, schnitzel, smoked salmon) and salads from the canteen window, deli sandwiches too, but then also one of their amazing baked goods. If you are to witness this baked food window yourself, you’ll honestly feel like you’re in desert heaven.

When you go for a treat, there’s all the favourites; cheesecake, salted honey tart, custard tarts, passionfruit and fennel seed palmiers, date and banana loaf, upside down pudding and even a dulce burnt butter tart.

We had a salad plate with salmon and it was excellent – we don’t know how they do their fennel, but it’s so so good.

We then opted for the dulce butter tart and date and walnut loaf, the perfect amount of sweetness and we are excited for more.

We are also so happy that it’s open until 7pm Tuesday–Saturday, so it’s perfect to grab some dinner on the way home. Be sure to visit soon because we’re sure there will be droves of people lining up once word gets out.

Salma’s Canteen

797 Botany Road, Rosebery


Tuesday–Saturday: 11am–7pm

Sunday: 10am–4pm

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