Eau de Vie

Eau-De-Vie in Sydney’s CBD is an underground 1920’s style speakeasy style bar, with its dim lighting providing an intimate experience.

Whilst there we had lots of different staff serving us, taking our order to bringing us the drinks or checking in throughout the dining experience. They were efficient and gave good advice.

The bar is well stocked with practically everything you can imagine and their cocktail list is one of the most extensive we’ve seen, with so many creative concoctions, many of which are whiskey based. I would have liked some more basic options too, as after a big meal, something lighter could have gone well.

There’s a “Births of Venus”, “Rob Roy” or an “Espresso Zabione” that comes topped with whipped cream and smoking theatrics. We tried the Kitty at the Cocobongo made with Absolut Elyx Vodka, elderflower, passionfruit, citrus, vanilla, whites; and it was so nice and sweet, topped with an edible flower, apparently a popular choice with the crowds.

Scan the QR code and explore their extraordinarily extensive whisky list and you might be there all night. Furthermore, there’s a Whisky Room with a large collection of rare and exclusive whiskies as well as Bottle Lockers, where you can purchase your favourite spirit bottle from Eau-de- Vie and store to use each time you visit, sure to impress friends and colleagues.

They have a food menu with snacks designed to suit snacking while drinking. Think small plates of pork crackle, raw dishes like oysters and tuna tartare or more substantial arancini or croquettes. There’s also a few sweets, cheese and charcuterie.

Eau de Vie

Enter via Wynyard lane,

285 George Street

Sydney NSW 2000


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