Return Visit @Kobe Wagyu

Kobe Wagyu is in the heart of the Sydney CBD, and can be found upstairs, entering from Goulburn street.  It is a large space, where you sit in booths, complete with your grill to cook your food.

Our first visit was not particularly good and we were invited back by the new management team to have a second experience. The new management was extremely evident. Staff were much more attentive and the restaurant was absolutely packed. The second visit was much improved.

The restaurant may be considered to be relatively expensive for Japanese, however not for a Japanese BBQ. It uses top grade quality wagyu beef, fresh seafood and vegetables.

You can order the buffet menu which is a $79 per person, all you can eat experience including vegetables, salads, small bites, rice, noodles, soup, seafood and meats. This option is perfect if you are really hungry. 

The meats have various different cuts like skirt, brisket, short rib and you choose the cut you like. Other meats include chicken thigh or wing, pork belly, neck, sausage or loin. The seafood options include octopus, scallop, calamari to cook on the grill or sashimi is also available.

On this particular visit went for ala carte and had a mini grill option which included two different cuts of meat and vegetables. You cook this yourself on the grill at your table. It doesn’t take long, and you have this delicious quality meat on your plate to dip in your sauces and off you go to eat!
Our meal option included some huge fresh prawns and scallops chilled beautifully presented over ice and ready to cook.

Accompanying this was kimchi, sushi, salad and a kingfish sashmi. The food was outstanding!

This option also came with a small bottle of  Yuzu Sake, we loved this citrus flavoured drink!

Our waiter was extremely efficient and hardworking and made a top effort to ensure we had excellent service. We would like to thank Kobe Wagyu for the invitation to come back as it was excellent and we were glad open our eyes to the wonderful food on offer.

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