An Indonesian Coffee experience@Q on Harris

Q on Harris is one of our favourite Sydney cafès. When we heard they were doing a coffee workshop, we jumped at the opportunity to attend. The owner Benji is of Indonesian heritage and is a passionate campaigner of the regions coffee exports.

A coffee tasting is called a cupping. This cupping event was held upstairs at the Q on Harris. We arrived upstairs, and were met by Benji who provided us with an education on the coffee regions of Indinesia including West Java and Sulawesi. The region is making efforts to learn from other coffee regions of the world such as South America, by improving the quality through sourcing and production. Seeking to ethically source the coffee in partneship with coffee growers.

The cupping begins with a number of different beans lined up in front of cups of black coffee that have been prepared for the tasting. First, the top of the coffee is skimmer, then we take in the aromas. We then take a small spoon bring it to our mouth, followed by a short, sharp slurp. Lucky Sarah wasn’t in attendance, this would have sent her mad, as she is not a fan of slurping. We then rinsed the spoon and moved onto the next cup and so on. 

It’s interesting how taste is subjective, with each person in the group preferring a different style of coffee. We were lucky enough to be provided with a bag of coffee, that was a preference from the tasting. A well run informative event and at $15, a bargain. Highly recommended! 

Thanks to CPM for inviting us, to Benji and the Q on Harris for the hospitality and an enlightning, enjoyable afternoon.

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