Orange is the new black@ The Winston

We were lucky enough to attend a wonderful wine pairing event by Philip Shaw Wines with food prepared by the chefs at The Winston Hills Hotel. With 60 guests in attendance, three long tables were set up in the dining area and Daniel Shaw at the front with a microphone for him to explain the wines we were trying.

A bit of background first, Daniel Shaw is the son of Philip Shaw, wine maker and owner of the winery in Orange. Orange was selected as the perfect choice for them to have their winery. 3 kms out of Orange, it is a cool area and perfect altitude that allows this coolness as well as sunshine, which allows the grapes to maintain the natural acidity and fruit flavour. The altitude is ideal for production and all vineyards in the area are above 600 m and the only other place is in the world similar is Chile. Orange is the new black, it has approximately 60 vineyards and 30 fantastic wineries that you can visit. Orange also has more hatted restaurants than any city suburb making it a great place for foodies to visit.

The first wine with our entree was a sparkling – the Non-vintage brut. This takes three years to make. It is Non vintage as parts come from other vintages. This spends 12 months in oak, and 18 months in bottle. This enables the creation of complexity and texture in the wine. It had kept a mineral tightness and brioche/buttery flavours, with a stream of bubbles. It was lovely to have with our beef brisket and slaw slider with chilli aioli and pickles which disappeared with in a matter of seconds. 

The second wine was their ‘Architect Chardonnay’ which has been an incredible part of their family. There are 6 types of chardonnays in their vineyards. Called ‘Architect’ tied in with their winery as it has gone through different building processes as they moved the cellar from his house to the alongside the winery. This wine was perfect for seafood or the smoked pork knucle and pearl barley soup which also had a good chilli kick. 

Philp Shaw wines are handmade in the winery; they pick the grapes, the grapes have good balance when they’re taken off the vine. The vineyard is walked through ten times to check the grapes, check again, prune, and then taken off. They believe 99 percent of the production is done by mother nature (which is why winery location is important). The rest is left to the winemakers do. 

Orange near Mt Canobolas has an array or fruits like apples, cherries, and grapes. Orange can be described as a big food basket and is one of our favourite places to visit. It is only fitting that we had some wonderful food to accompany these lovely wines.

We then moved onto red wine. The Merlot Cab with softness and width on the palate, 65 merlot 35 cabernet. The softness that comes through is from the merlot. It retains texture from leaving stalks on the skin. This wine had fullness and it was perfect to accompany our shared 8plate of lamb shoulder served on the bone with a bunch of hearty vegetables. We made an ambitious attempt at finishing this dish.

The dessert was again a decent portion and could have passed as two. The Hazelnut Panacotta served with steawberries and basil and lemon sorbet served with Merangue.  Phillip Shaw don’t do a dessert wine! so we had the Rose, which was perfect as the dessert was sweet enough.

Be sure to check out up coming events at The Winston  The events are great value, insightful and more impotantly a great night ot. Thank you to Amy and the Winston Hills for the invitation and to Phillip Shaw wines for the lovely wine and education.

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