Where to enjoying Bastille Day with a French wine passport

We attended the free annual event, the Bastille Festival in Circular Quay. Held from 12-15th July, it was a huge street gathering to celebrate all things French: food, wine and art. A precursor to more celebrations to come with the huge World Cup victory by France.


It was interesting to try different wines from different regions and learn about their influences, flavours and we really enjoyed this.

There were lots of food stalls, an outdoor cinema, music and Christmas in July markets in the Argyle st Rocks Village, so it really made for a lovely night out.


Held in a few iconic areas of Circular Quay such as near to the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and the Museum of Contemporary Arts Sydney, it was the perfect backdrop to this event.


We specifically attended the VIP French wine tasting tour with a French “passport” to try wines of 7 regions throughout France.


We had a map to guide us to each spot. There were a mix of different wines but they were mostly reds. People serving gave a brief explanation of what the wine was.

First up was in First Fleet Park in the Rocks Village where we tried a Sauvignon blanc from the Loire Valley as well as a Red – a Syrah from the Rhone Valley.

The next location was at the beautiful Customs House Village with reds from Bordeaux and Languedoc. Moving onto East Cirqular Quay Village whee we had a Viognier from Beaujolas and a Pinot Noir from Burgundy. The final wine was from Cotes De Provence.


It was an extremely busy event and lines were very long so it is clearly popular amongst Sydneysiders and travellers alike.

Thanks to BBR agency for the invitation and tickets.

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