Slowwell – wellness space, store and all things filter coffee @ Ettalong

In this day and age, we’re always on the go. Rushing to get here and there, going a million places in a day, answering phone calls and mindlessly scrolling through the insta feed. It’s really about time some of us just tried to live life in the slow lane. That’s what slow well is all about. Taking time to find a space to chill in our busy lives.

We found the store whilst strolling around Ettalong and it’s calm exterior and bright open space seemed to be calling our name. We walk in and were met by the friendly owner, German, who, as it turns out once worked in our local area.

Slowwell is both a wellness space and store, selling things to assist with self-care. Whether it be a book of finding calm, camping or cooking, there’s plenty of inspiring books. There’s also a great range of gifts, such as ceramics – we love the clayboy stoneware range.

There’s also a focus on coffee, in particular batch and filter, the ultimate slow brew. They stock a good variety of coffee beans and filter equipment we love the offer of complimentary batch brew, which on our visit was by Reuben Hills.

They also have a wellbeing space at the back if you’re in need of learning how to find and make time for yourself.

The space was created in the hope you can take time to revitalise and make calm in your life and see personal growth. We hope you make time in your life to pay them a visit.


233 Ocean View Road

Ettalong Beach

NSW 2257

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