Foreign Return @ Surry Hills

Name after a term coined to describe Indian expats that return to their birth country, Foreign Return is also the name of the exciting new addition to the bustling Surry Hills dining scene that challenges common notions of Indian food.

Foreign Return takes you on a culinary journey through India, showcasing regional specialties from Chettinad to Bengali cuisine, to the Rajasthan’s royal kitchens with a menu that offers one of the most expansive selection of proteins you will find in an Indian restaurant; there’s everything from chicken, duck, venison, lamb and goat to barramundi, prawns, and blue swimmer crab. There is also an abundance of choice for vegetarians and vegans alike.

The leatherbound menu is truly a delight to behold and peruse, with dishes featuring unique ingredients and evocative flavours.

There was much to relish with our choice of chakhna that included: Roasted foxnuts in a house-spice blend (Ghee Roast Mint Makhana), crisp-fried taro root with crisp parsley, spiced yoghurt and tamarind (Taro Root Tuk) and fried papad topped with cherry tomatoes, red onions, avocado, chillies, goat’s curd and micro coriander (Masala Papad). A riot of colour and textures, they are a tantalising taster of the ensuing meal.

One of the most innovative and surprising dishes on the menu must be the Raj Kachori, a plate served to the table as a crisp vibrant red shell. Cracking into the puffed dome reveals a medley of chickpeas, mint chutney, edamame, yoghurt and pomegranate.

At lunch you can even find lunch salads, lunch roti rolls. Dinner service extends to food from the tandoor grill, chakna, plates, regional plates, breads and rice. It’s vibrant and a place that is resurrecting long lost recipes that cleverly incorporate native ingredients, Foreign Return achieves its mission to redefine traditional perceptions of Indian cuisine.

Furthermore they’ve got brilliant drinks including a range of cleverly concocted cocktails brought to us by mixologist Nitin Tewari, perfect to complement your meal.

We loved our visit and the opportunity to try this brilliant food.

Foreign Return

527 Crown St
Surry Hills
NSW 2010



Tues-Sunday : 11:30-3pm


Mon-Sun: 5:30pm- 10:30pm

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