Corporate and Custom gift boxes from @ Boxi

Boxi are a gift box service, with options to suit various needs and demographics, whilst also providing personalisation. Find your perfect box, send with gift cards or even the inclusion of photo, a poem, or message. Boxes can also be personalised if needed, just reach out for more info to have that personal touch.

Boxi offer a 3 month subscription for $149, where the recipient will receive three boxi gift boxes over a three month period. There’s also other Boxi products, like the ‘Housewarming’ box for $99. A great idea to have this sent to your friend or relative as they settle into their new home.

‘Mr Boxi’ can be ordered for a special fella or would even be a good option for Groomsmen gifts at a wedding.They’ve even got a special coming up to celebrate working hard up until the end of the financial year with their ‘June 30 Celebration box’. Be sure to order ahead of time!

Furthermore Boxi can also create special tailor made boxes for corporate gifts. Boxi made a special box for corporate business Manesis Fitness.

They were made for my personal trainer Peter Manesis with his custom logo on the cookies, and the box had chai, dukkah, a gym towel/wash cloth from the Beach people, cookies “cretzels” and an aromatherapy steamer.

They were beautifully packaged up with a black ribbon and branded tag. Pete used to give to his MVP clients of the week.

I also asked Boxi to make a personalised box for my friend who had given birth and I wanted the parents to receive something lovely.

Included in the Tiffany Blue Box, wrapped with a white ribbon were yummy treats, tea and pamper items for Mum and Dad including his and hers Winnow chocolate blocks from the Blue Mountains. There was also shower products from Mallee Belle in the Adelaide Hills, Woodsman Skincare Hand wash for Dad and some delicious Masala Chai Tea and Honey Vanilla Roasted Almonds to share. My friend loved her delivery and was so happy for a bit of pampering.

We recommend checking out Boxi to find a gift solutions for your need and budget and it will get made and delivered to your required location.

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