World Caramel Day with Underground Spirits Australia

We couldn’t think of much better to do on World Caramel Day than celebrate with a drink or two, and even better, a caramel vodka! So, that’s just what we did at the Underground Spirits event at the Little National Hotel in Sydney’s CBD.

This was the perfect excuse to have a mid week drink and try out some amazing caramel combinations with their caramel vodka.

Award-winning Canberra based distillery Underground Spirits Australia are known for this unique Vodka with Caramel spirit and also their craft gins.

Their products are made using high-quality local ingredients including water from the Snowy Mountains. We hear from the company that they use a sub zero, sub micron cryofiltration process which eliminates impurities for a smooth finish in the spirits. The vodka then is flavoured with an indulgent caramel made in Queensland. Trying this on the rocks was a game changer – the smooth and sweet vodka is so easy to drink.

They’ve also stepped the favourite espresso martini up a notch using the caramel vodka on tap, making for quick and easy pouring of this sweet cocktail.

Our favourite cocktail recipe of the night was the caramel vodka mixed with raspberry and vermouth. We also hear that mixing it with apple juice and a cinnamon stick is also a winner.

The event also unveiled their Limited Edition Coronation Gin for the coronation of King Charles III, paired with a Capi tonic and lime segment, the gin was smooth and refreshing to drink, easy on the palate.

The Little National also made some canapés featuring the vodka; Slow Cooked Pork Belly with Caramel Vodka as well as some Drunken King Prawns with Chilli, Ginger & Shallots and the Caramel Vodka. Finishing off with a camel vodka Brulee Tart.

The event was great to sample these products and a few different recipes. If you’re at the Royal Easter Show, pay them a visit at the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome from Thursday, 6 April to Monday 17 April 2023. Otherwise check out their website for more details.

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