Bushfire Relief Giveback Experiences #EmptyEsky movement

We were lucky to have the opportunity to participate in the first of AAT Kings Bushfire Relief Giveback trips in collaboration with the #EmptyEsky movement. https://www.aatkings.com/bushfire-recovery/ https://www.emptyesky.com.au AAT Kings are running 100% 'Not for profit' trips to Bushfire affected regions and have been designed in collaboration with the local community to encourage people to make … Continue reading Bushfire Relief Giveback Experiences #EmptyEsky movement

What to do on in Tel Aviv on Shabbat?

For International travelers who are not accustomed to Jewish tradition, you may not be familiar with Shabbat. It is A Jewish holy day or a day of rest. From Sundown Friday (approx 3pm) til Saturday approx 5/6pm (sometimes later), places close operation. Many businesses, services, and restaurants are unavailable including transport. Whilst Tel Aviv is … Continue reading What to do on in Tel Aviv on Shabbat?