Arthur’s Pizza – Maroubra

Arthur’s pizza is one of those staple Italian joints – your local where you can call up for that Friday night pizza when you can’t be bothered cooking (or on any night really) and you can always guarantee it’s tasty. They’ve been in the business for over 30 years.

Beginning in the 1970’z, they offered alternatives to the regular cheese and tomato options, they soon became popular with their creative flavour combinations. They’ve have continued to grow, and now have stores in a number of locations: Randwick, Paddington and now also Bexley, Maroubra, Glebe and Rosebery.

Arthur’s stores have a family atmosphere and super casual which makes it a comfortable place to socialise. That, in combination with reasonable prices makes for a good eat in or takeaway option.

We visited in a group so were able to sample a variety of things from the menu including entrees, pizza, pasta and salads.

Entree wise, we ate the saucy meatballs and garlic prawns – these were cooked and served in thick tomato type sauce so a lot of the flavour was retained.

Pizzas come in different sizes; small, medium, large and family. There’s plenty of flavour combinations, but you can pay a little extra if you want any additions. There’s also Gluten free options.

We had the following pizzas – all really good choices!

Campollo: Chicken Fillet, Semi-Dried Tomato, Red Onion, Camembert, Basil

Sassri: Lamb Fillets, Fetta Cheese, Red Onions, Sweet Potato, Mint

Nitro: Pepperoni, Onions, Capsicum, Bacon, Chilli

In addition, we enjoyed the creamy Bosciola pasta with bacon and mushroom and well as the super flavour some mushroom risotto.

With so many delicious carbs, we needed some salads to balance out or lunch and we tried the Greek salad and also a lovely rocket and Parmesan one too.

By the end of this we were super food but did a great job finishing it off. Unfortunately we were too full for dessert, but if you’re not, Nutella pizza or tiramisu would be my pick!

Arthur’s Pizza

35 McKeon St
Maroubra 2035

Phone: (02) 9315 5220

Thank you to weekendfoodesscapes and ompty for the invitation to dine.

As the name suggests @Moroccan Feast

​Sydney as a city is very multicultural, to this we are grateful, as this brings variety in culture, cusine and restaurants. Yet, there are only a handful of Moroccan restaurants in Sydney. We were happy to hear from our friends at Ompty media, offering an invite to visit Moroccan Feast. As mentioned there aren’t many authentic Moroccan restaurants in Sydney. Moroccan feast have two locations, one in Randwick and the other Paddington.

On this occasion we return to our old stomping ground of Randwick. Dining with our foodie pals Coffee Brunch Dinner (CBD). A restaurant with a warm and welcoming feel, it is decorated to theme with Moroccan artwork, lanterns and mosaic tables.

The meal began with a nice glass of red and the Agadir Feast which consisted of a galaxy of dips, condiments and bread to whet the apetite. The spread almost taking two tables. You name it, it was on the table. From hommus and baba ganoush and a number of tasty salads. This set the precedent for what was to come, a banquet with generous portions. It is a good thing we came hungry.

For some tradional North African bites; the rolled eggplant, and green falafel bowl. The green falafel were the goods, with a crisp outer crust and moist centre

We loved the spicy cigars filled with minced beef and tahini, a Moroccan version of a spring roll.

We were most looking forward to the tagines and were not disappointed. The tagine is probably the single most notable Moroccan dish, a cone shaped earthenware pot which is used to slow cook, providing a rich flavorful meal. The lamb tagine was the standout the meat, so tender it fell apart at the sight of a fork. This was a beautifully fragrant with sweetness and spice from the prunes, apricot, caramelized onions and cinnamon.

The Marrakesh chicken tagine, had more of a savoury flavour. Again the meat very tender falling off the bone, with nice spice and served cooked green olives.

Finished off the with hot drinks and sweets. We suggest you order a thick brewed Moroccan coffee or traditional mint tea, a perfect counter to a sweet dessert. Maybe the sfinj too, which is a serve of mini Moroccan cinnamon doughnuts. These are not to be missed. 

Moroccan Feast is a warm, friendly local gem, serving traditional North African recipes passed down through the family. One of few restaurants in Sydney serving authentic Moroccan cuisine and as the name suggests, you will be in for a feast.

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