Let it sizzle @678 Korean BBQ

Australia loves a BBQ and so do the Koreans. We are off to Eastwood to Get hands on and cook Korean BBQ at 678 Korean BBQ. If you are craving some BBQ they will not have a problem fitting you in, as the venue is not short of space, it’s huge. With K-pop parafanalia adorning the walls and K-pop music bouncing out of the speakers, we knew we were in for a fun lunch hanging with some of our favourite foodie pals. 

We were seated at a large table with two BBQ pits in the centre. I was expecting them to be gas powered, but there was much suprise and delight when the bucket of hot coals arrived at the table.

With the group sharing in the meal selection, we were spoilt for choice. It would be pretty hard to go past the quality meat options available, all of our first picks from that portion of the menu. Including a selection of Wagyu cuts, pork and chicken. Although it dodn’t require the BBQ, the beef sashimi was a great dish to start with. A beef tartar with served with an egg yolk and a Korean marinade. 

We also decided to add some veggies into the mix for BBQing. As to be expected the BBQ was blazing which made the cooking process super quick and added maximum flavour to the succulent meat being prepared. Make sure you have a designated BBQer and that they are on the ball, it is easy to get distracted by all of the food and socialising.

There was a plethora of choice when it came to sides including the usual Korean favourites kimchi, potato salad, omelettes and dumplings. There was also a magnitude of tasty dipping sauce as well. The soups and stews were also rediculously flavoursome and could have been a meal on their own if you were eating alone or didn’t wish to share. The spicy ramens and stews were favourites, the sausage stew was very nice indeed.

Other substantials including Bibimbab a Korean classic rice dish served in a heavy stone bowl topped with egg yolk, meat, nori and mixed vegetables. Be sure to get to the end and you will be suprised with the crispy rice at the bottom of the bowl.

A great group dining experience with a range of drinks to choose from including soft drinks, soju, wine and Korean beer options. 678 Korean the perfect place for socialising in a group or for individual looking to enjoy a tasty Korean meal. Another positive, you know the chef will be awesome because it’s you. Thanks to Danny from Qtix(online restaurant booking system), to RnB Diary for the invite and for the great company during the meal. We loved the Korean BBQ experience at 678 and thank them for the great food and hospitality.

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  1. Chris Waghorn says:

    Looks like a great place, I love that they cook over coals. Not only better tasting but I think it adds to the whole experience and feeling of authenticity.

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