Tiger Muay Thai training camp

Tiger Muay Thai and Mixed Martial arts is well reknowned, predominantly for its Muay Thai training facilities. Located on Phuket, about 30 mins from the airport (also 30 mins from Patong) in the local area called Chalong. I call it fitness street (with all the nutrition cafes, protein shake stores, everything protein related, physios, massage and more).

It has far more than just Muay Thai. It has all types of training, accomodation, weight loss programs, food programmes and more. You’ll find a range of people training here, from the beginner to the professional athletes and fighters.


You can sign up for a single class, full day, week or by a month. I came for a week and got an all inclusive training package (not accomodation or food). This meant I could attend any class I wanted to. Classes include CrossFit, strength and conditioning, ambush fitness, yoga and some outdoor sessions like s run to big Buddha, stair work or active pool recovery. The timetable tells you the appropriate level of class, though most are very mixed.  In the martial arts there is Muay Thai, Western boxing, Krabi Krabong, MMA and BJJ.


For Muay Thai, classes run each day from 8-10 am and 3-5pm. This is probably to combat the middle part of the day really being too hot to train. You can also pay for 1:1 sessions if you wish. The classes begin with 15 minutes of running, then stretching.


If you’re at beginners they then do basic technique, followed by combinations of technique.


Then in beginner and intermediate you do 3 rounds of pad work with a trainer, then either Muay Thai or boxing sparring or some days they teach you the wai kru. The main difference between these two levels is the beginner one is fairly basic and has quite a fun atmosphere to it and the trainers really want to get to know the customers. I think the gap between the two classes really is too big, because intermediate was great for me for technique but fitness wise, an extremely high level is needed. I think somewhere in between the two would be perfect. There is also an advanced and fighter class if you are of that standard.


For the classes, you need your own wraps, gloves and shin pads. You can hire them if you’re only there for a class, any longer than that it is worth buying.

There is a shop at Tiger selling all tiger themed gear, and unless you specifically want a tiger branded gear, get your clothes and gloves elsewhere as you’ll find that to be cheaper.

The front desk staff sort out all your bookings efficiently, but I do think they need to be more familiar with the classes run, as many times I asked about them and they didn’t know.

They have BBQ beat downs (ie BBQs and a Muay Thai show) on site at the end of the month and arrange other activities at times as well.

If you’re at the camp for a month, you get all inclusive packages with your accomodation (on site in rooms and separate bathrooms) or off site in rooms with air con and fridges etc. These packages tend to include PT sessions as well as meal plans from Tiger Grill.


They are open every day, from early until late. If you order a protein like a steak, you have access to the salad bar. They also do smoothies, protein shakes, refreshing drinks and coffee. They have a weight loss menu and regular menu. The food here is superb, albeit the most expensive for the area. I absolutely loved the whole-wheat pasta as well as the weight loss chicken salad. They have well developed flavours and extremely filling. I didn’t have a meal plan and would have dined here more if the prices were cheaper.




Cleanliness wise, I found the camp to be A + rated. As soon as the class is finished, the staff are waiting there to bleach and clean the mats and bags etc. There are warnings about keeping yourself hygienic too. The gear that is hired is also cleaned after use.

If you’re considering coming, save your pennies, but it is certainly worth it for the whole experience. Don’t worry if you’re travelling solo, its extremely easy to make friends from all around the world.


Give it a go! Train at world class facilities, close to the beach!

Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp
7/35 Moo 5, Soi Ta-iad
Ao Chalong, Muang
Phuket, Thailand, 83130

Phone: +66 (0)76 367 071 or Skype
Email: info@tigermuaythai.com







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