Nautical themed pop-up in the Botanic Gardens to celebrate VIVID

Head along the light walk through the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, right in the heart of the CBD and you’ll find yourselves in a pop-up-bar amongst the gardens. Themed like an old Fisherman’s wharf, complete with a dinghy, hanging light bulbs and signs to direct your way to the bar, it’s a fun place to hang out. We love the nautical theme to this bar!
Since the cold weather has dawned upon us, our recommendation is for a mulled wine to warm your insides. If this isn’t your go to drink, you’ll find some cool concoctions here at These gin based cocktails are inspired by the colours you’ll see brighly shining during the VIVID festival.
The “H.M.A.S Royal Archie” (named after the Archie Rose Gin used), complete with pineapple and macadamia, this drink’s lustre is blue – looks like a magic potion!

Maybe the “Harbour Rose” will take your fancy, featuring Archie Rose’s Original Vodka, watermelon, citrus and pink lustre.

Or would you prefer a “New South Wh-Ale”?

The food also fits aptly with the theme, with beer battered fish and chips & good old fashioned tartare sauce.

It couldn’t be Fisherman’s wharf without Fish Chowder served in a bread bowl, this is perfect for winter.
Other foodstuffs on offer include a pot pie, mac and cheese, and even some desserts.
You can’t finish off a visit to the wharf without fried pineapple fritters! Grab yourselves some crispy and sweet pineapple fritters sprinkled with a generous dusting of cinnamon sugar & ice cream is perfect to finish off the night. 
Why don’t you make the most our of city and its wonderful iconic Sydney locations and head into The Royal Botanic Gardens this VIVID.

Operating nightly from 6pm until 11pm, from Friday 24th May through to Saturday 15th June 2019.

Imagesthe society group: Ashley Mar and Cole Bennetts


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