Kobe Wagyu BBQ

Kobe Wagyu is in the heart of the Sydney CBD, and can be found upstairs, entering from Goulburn street.  Once upstairs you’ll find plenty of tables complete with a grill in the centre. Now, I might not be the best cook at home, but this is one of those places where I can sure shine as chef. Taking on thus role for the table, I ordered and cooked!

We had a big group so the the buffet menu, at $79 per person was great for us, since we could get a range of items to share amongst the group. The all you can eat experience includes vegetables, salads, small bites, rice, noodles, soup, seafood and meats. Basically the concept is to select your choices from the touch screen and send through to the kitchen. Sashimi and sushi is prepared for you, as is the entree sized bites like the chicken wings and Takoyaki.

Then comes the highlight of the night – the meats and seafood. Order your selections again from the touch screen. They have various cuts like skirt, brisket, short rib, chicken thigh or wing, pork belly, neck, sausage or loin amongst others. This comes to you slightly seasoned and then it’s cooking time. It only needs a brief amount of time in the grill and then take it off, dip it in a little sauce and you’re ready to eat. It is high quality Wagyu and makes the buffet cost good value for money.

The seafood options are also grand – whether it be octopus, scallop, calamari to cook on the grill or even a few fresh prawns.

Grab yourself a few sides like veggies, kim chi, edamame or tofu and you’ve got yourself a pretty good meal with a lot of variety.

You can’t leave without dessert, so we shared pretty much all the options including green tea and sesame ice cream, Mochi and rice cakes.

We think it’s well suited to a group dining experience and a whole lot of fun. Our waiters were efficient and hardworking.

We would like to thank Kobe Wagyu and FCBA for the invitation.


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