Lavie and Belle French Bakery

This tiny little Bakery in Surry Hills is like those you find around Paris. A hole in the wall type place and out eyes lit up looking at the store overflowing with beautiful pastries. You know it’s legit when you hear the staff and their strong French accents.

Opened by Christian Bonne and Kareen Ferrali. Bonne is a graduate from Ecole Française de Boulangerie & Pâtisserie d’Aurillac (a French baking school), they’ve been running this spot for a few years now.

They use high quality ingredients to make amazing French pastries and breads from pear tarts to Madeleine’s, almond croissants and French baguettes. A popular choice is the chouquette, a tiny balls of pastry covered in salt crystals. They also have some sandwiches and quiche if you’re after some more substantial food.

Lavie & Belle

100 Fitzroy Street, Surry Hills

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