Firepop! Delicious meats cooked over charcoal

Firepop is a company whose passion is cooking their foods over charcoal and bringing people together through food. They began selling their products over 14 years ago at markets and you can now find them around Sydney at pop-up stalls, but you can also purchase their products in meal kits to cook at home.

Their focus is using high quality premium ingredients locally sourced and roasted with quality spices that have been sourced from around the world and ground in-house.

After flavouring their meats, they cook them over a Black Pearl Charcoal from Queensland. The charcoal is sustainably sourced and produced.

The firepops are as they sound, meat which is diced into small pieces, pierced onto bamboo skewers, grilled on charcoal – juicy on the inside, crunchy on the outside. 

All of the meats are super tasty, nicely seasoned, and we love the variety available. In particular, the pork belly was a standout. Below are the options we tried:

The O.G – pasture fed Aussie Lamb with sesame and cumin dukkah and a secret marinade. There’s also a ‘slim’ OG made with lean lamb.

The Butter – Phoenix Aussie Wagyu beef, with Olson’s Sea Salt flakes and tangy garlic chips crumbs. These are melt-in-your-mouth pops.

Sweet As – Bangalow Sweet Pork belly with fermented chilli, fresh garlic and house-made dipping dukkah. This was a clear standout for us

The Golden Soytime – a lightly fried soft silken tofu with house-made sesame dressing & Sichuan chill. This is a good vegetarian option

From the limited release list we tried the following and these were sensational

‘94 to ‘20 – Rich Aussie veal bone marrow which was perfect to pair with the acidic flavour of the Mizuna herb salad, served with Iggys Sourdough, and Olssons wet grey sea salt.

Truffle! Caciocavello cheese on Iggys sourdough bread with truffle and mushroom tartufata, honey and sweet chilli flakes. Topped with fresh first class black truffle from Majura Valley ACT. This was incredible – a perfect flavour combination, and the truffle is the standout. It pairs nicely with the honey and the chilli extends the flavour.

We finished off with dessert, the honey layer cake with light creme fraiche honey creme, honey cake dust and gold leaf. This conjures up a sense of nostalgia, reminding us of honey logs from back in the day. Honey and cream is a nice pairing and a brilliant end to our tasting.

The Firepops are incredible and certainly great for bar bites (we tried at The Grifter) but they would also not out of place with their own restaurant. Hoping to see more of them around Sydney!


The Grifter

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