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Restaurant Sixpenny, we learn is named after the sixpence restaurants that operated in the late 1800s in Australia. Generally these were 5 or six courses with pastry for six pence. Now, be sure to save your pennies to dine here, for it costs a fair tad more than that today. Your seven course degustation will set you back $175 pp. Despite its high cost, it is one worth saving for a special occasion and it is one of a few restaurants awarded the prestigious 3 hats in Good Food guide to back it up.

Located in Stanmore in part residential area the top end of the shops, it’s a quaint little property in an historic house from 1907. The Restauran is well sectioned off well to provide an intimate feel. They are also following the COVIDSafe practices and we are required to use a QR code to scan in and view the menu.

From start to finish, the service was impeccable, very attentive and not at all pretentious. A nice touch with the Chef’s presenting each of the seven dishes to the table explaing what each entails. The sommelier also did a good job of recommending wine to our liking.

The menu at Sixpenny has a modern Australian vibe to it, paying homage to Australian proteins, produce and flavours. They like to use local suppliers, growers and producers from around Australia.

The meal begins with two snacks; a Crueller with mascarpone/ like a small donut with the consistency of a churro.

This was accompanied by the Kombu tart with smoked eggplant, a delicately constructed disc, the pastry nice a crisp and disappearing in a single bite.

The bread at Sixpenny was very impressive. They served two types, white sourdough and the second (served later in the degustation) is twice baked using leftover bread mixed with coffee grinds from the aeropress and maple syrup. They come warm, fluffy centres, crispy crusts and served with a mascarpone butter. Honestly the best bread we’ve had!

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The first dish of the seven courses was the cured bonito with cucumber and citrus pepper. A lovely fresh dish, which we have heard that bonito is great served raw and this dish cetainly proved this to be correct. The flavours of this dish had us salivating and cleansed the palate in preparation for what was to follow.

Their incredible Kangaroo Tartare came topped with a thin sweet potato cracker and dried cheese. We love a good Tartare and this certainly hit the mark, beatifully seasoned and the cheese on the super crisp top provided a nice smooth addition in what is a wonderful, textural flavour concept.

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The Spencer’s gulf squid with mushrooms and smoked squid broth is a very pretty dish. The squid is so delicately prepared, cut to look like flowers and were melt in your mouth, the broth carried well with the squid and we loved the earthy, smokey umami flavours.

The Grouper in a liquid of Sour beer and lemon Myrtle was a favourite, the flakey fish caramelised on the outside, and super tender within. The sour beer and lemon myrtle foam was the perfect flavour to combine with the fish and we savoued every bite.

The final savoury dish consisted of three slices of borrowdale pork loin with malted barley and confit garlic. Topped with a piece of crispy kale that looked like a flower. The pork was succulent, and the glossy sauce had incredible flavour and silky texture.

This brings us to their desserts, the first of which was a Dorset, a mead vinegar custard topped with frozen raspberries & strawberry consommé. You’re met with the natural sweetness of honey, balanced by the acidity of the frozen fruit.

Then came the Poached quince served atop a goats milk and Swiss meringue super creamy texture and the acidity of the quince a nice contrast.

Whilst both desserts were lovely, we do find the combination of two creamy desserts to be an interesting choice. We’d personally like something with different textures or flavours, like a cake or chocolate option. However, the meal finished with some amazing Madelines which was a nice touch.

We decided to finish off with a coffee. They don’t have a coffee machine but there’s aeropress available at a cost of $8 a cup!

The coffee came with mini cookies in a ceramic cookie jar, very Australiana and the cookies were a house made monte carlo, chocolate and chocolate chip.

We really enjoyed our experience at Sixpenny. In particular we love that they championed Australian ingredients and the touches of quirky Australiana, through the use Australian artists in their ceramics and interiors. Overall, a great experience and well suited to a special occasion.


83 Percival Rd, Stanmore, New South Wales, Australia

(02) 95726666


Saturday & Sunday from 12:00 pm.


Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from 6:00 pm.

Saturday from 6:30 pm.

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