Brix Distillers’ all-new Australian Core Range.

Raise a glass to celebrate Brix Distillers’ all-new Australian Core Range.

Hosted by Brix co-founders, Damien Barrow, James Christopher, and Shane Casey, Head Distiller of Brix, they treated us to tastings of the new Brix Australian Core Range Rums, both neat and made into delicious cocktails crafted from all three fantastic varieties.

The NEW look Core Range of 100% Australian Rum has been developed to educate Aussies on how they can best embrace rum. They have all been crafted with Australian ingredients & matured in Sydney in local wine casks.

Brix Australian Rum – aromas of vanilla caramel and pastry

Brix Australian Spiced Rum – infused with spices, fruits and nuts, grapefruit, mango and macadamia flesh and a bit of cinnamon

Brix Australian Cane Spirit is for those wanting something lighter on the palate

The Brix Core Range is made for their ability to be great for cocktail mixing, and we tried them in a Mai Tai, Espresso Martini and Daiquiris. But you can also enjoy on the rocks.

We appreciated being invited to try the new range and it’s great to see Brix doing great things in the rum scene.

The BRIX Core Range is available for purchase $80RRP, via BRIX distillers online store, leading retailers, or from the Surry Hills distillery. We recommend visiting the distillery to see the still where the spirits are made, grab a drink and a bite to eat whilst you’re there.

Head to to find out more.

Brix Distillery

350 Bourke Street Surry Hills

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