Three Blind Mice @ Mascot

Three Blind Mice might be the name of a 17th century nursery rhyme, but we now associate it with a darn good providore of meats and cheese. This was just what Mascot needed, and it certainly has filled a gap in the market (now just please open one in Botany too). The shop is located … Continue reading Three Blind Mice @ Mascot

Pizza in Banksmeadow – Filante Woodfired Pizzeria

In the back streets of Banksmeadow you'll find Filante Woodfired Pizzeria. Located beside Deni International Foods who supply restaurants with goods such as olive and truffle oil, pasta, sauces, pickled vegetables, meats and cheeses. Since Deni International Foods is not operating due to restaurant closures due to COVID19, Filante commenced selling to the public through … Continue reading Pizza in Banksmeadow – Filante Woodfired Pizzeria